Thursday, October 30, 2008


We don't mess around when it comes to Halloween. It is all out or, well, there is no other option. This year Mike and I were villains Joker and Harley Quinn while the kids were Batman, Robin and Bat girl. The boys love their costumes and play in them daily. I didn't get to put on all my make-up for our ward party because I had to go straight to work so I will post better pictures on Halloween. We don't usually get the kids to go along with a theme so I was thrilled this worked out. Oh, how I love Halloween. I am always so sad when it is over.
Little crime fighter. I love that the bat insignia and belt are pink!
I still haven't seen the movie, but I think he looks like the pictures I have seen.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zoo-rific outing

We went to the zoo Tuesday and it was the PERFECT day for it. The weather was beautiful and the crowds were small. The only time I could get the older kids together for a photo was from behind as they looked into the water. I figured it would have to do. I went with longtime pals Tonya and Heather and kept thinking how fast time goes by. It doesn't seem that long ago we were all newlyweds going to the University of Utah. Now we have six kids collectively and one more on the way (Heather, not me). I feel so lucky to have friends with children the same ages as my kids. It makes life so fun. Now, rather than sitting around talking about finals and spring break we talk about poopy diapers and preschool. What a ride!

Pumkin Carving Madness

Our cute friends, the Burtons, invited us over for some pumpkin carving MESSY fun. It was extra special this year because the pumpkins we carved were from our own garden. They were one of the only things that survived. Tracy and Everett were very proud of their jack-o-lanterns that Daddy helped them create.

Mike's pumpkin had a little too much to drink at the party and puked all over our porch.

Soooo spooooky!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Men on the moon.

Tracy and Everett have been really into space, planets, rockets etc. lately so we took them on a field trip to the Clark Planetarium.

Leave it to our boys to find a way to make the night about cars. Here they are driving their moon rovers. Tracy keeps trying to convince me he has actually been to the moon. He says he went there when he was in heaven so sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldn't correct him. Of course he also says he shot all of the aliens before Neil Armstrong got there so.......
Their interest in space has been really cute until this morning. They woke up while it was still dark outside and started yelling they could see Saturn and "Aranus"out their bedroom window. For a mommy with insomnia that is just not cool.

Witches Night Out......

Yeah, we were the DB's who didn't dress up. Gardner Village has a fun tradition every year where everyone dresses up and shops, eats yummy food, cackles for coupons and did I mention eats? We had planned on getting all decked out in witch attire, but it snuck up on us this year. It was still a fun night-we just looked out of place. Good times ladies. I think my teeth are STILL covered with taffy and caramel apple.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

Monday night we went to Thanksgiving Point for the Scarecrow Festival with friends. Once we got past the stinky animals, the smell of Autumn was in the air. Thanks everyone who joined us. It was hard to stick together with everyone's kids running every which way, but we had a blast!

Deacon and Everett dominated the games.

Summer spent most of the night bundled up in her stroller. I wish I could have joined her.
Balloon Fun.

Take me out to the ball game....

Well, the T-ball season has come to a close and I am grateful. Those last couple of games were a little too chilly for me. Trace loved baseball (He doesn't like referring to it as T-ball.) and I loved not coaching. My favorite moment occured when he was waiting to bat. He suddenly yelled, "Mom, I need to give you a hug!" and ran over to do so. After that, he grabbed a bat and hit the ball. I hope he always needs to give me a hug before he plays sports.
Summer was Tracy's biggest little fan.

Everett was so desperate to play too. He kept putting on a helmet and trying to sneak out to home plate. His plead was, "I play baseball too Mommy." I was heartbroken every time I had to bring him back to the bleachers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mike's Lucky 7


7 Things I Can Do:

1. Choose the Best Wife.

2. Make Cute kids.

3. Install a lift kit with new shocks and springs.

4. Design and hook up a Home Theater system with distributed home audio.

5. Ski, snowboard, wake board, slalom, & skateboard. (I'm no pro, but I can do them.)

6. Fix lots of stuff

7. Sew

7Things I Cannot Do:

1. Whistle loud

2. Drive slow

3. Blog on a regular basis

4. Go back to school.

5. Stand all the negative political crap during a Presidential Race

6. Fly a plane -yet

7.Think of any more things to write

7 Things that Attracted Me to Leesa

1. She is Hot

2. I liked the way she Dressed

3. She is cool to easy to talk to, and she would listen to my lame stories and pick up lines.

4. She is LDS

5. She is intelligent (more than I am)

6. She speaks her mind

7. She was friendly and not stuck up

7 Things I Say Most Often

1. What's up

2. That sucks!

3. Nice!

4. The difference between Plasma and LCD is...

5. Let's go off Roadin'

6. Don't worry, Your Car will be fine. (after, or while we are off roading)

7. Turn it up.

7 Celebrity Admirations:

1. John Wayne -He is the man!

2. Michael Scott -Not

3. Turk -He is awesome

4. JD -His daydreams are awesome!

5. LL Cool J

6. Letterman - I think he is Hilarious

7. Jack Black -soooo funny

7 Favorite Foods :

1. Mexican

2. Dessert

3. Puerto Rican

4. Dominican

5. Curry in a Hurry

6. Mexican

7. Latin Food

7 People to Tag:

1.Ben Springer

2. Troy

3. Anybody

4. Else

5. Who

6. Reads

7. This

Three Months Old

Summy is already three months old and I am so in love with her. She is always happy and loves to smile when her brothers are in trouble. I love my boys unconditionally, but I am realizing more and more that they are a little crazy. I don't understand the constant need to wrestle, be insanely loud and go shirtless to show off their muscles. Having a girl is just different and I appreciate her more and more each day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Health For The Cure Blog

I have been secretly working on a new blog over the last week and although there is much I would like to still do on it, I think it is ready to be checked out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We will still have this family blog, my new one is focused on health (mostly women's), exercise, nutrition and other issues. I still have many things to add, but this is what it looks like so far.......HEALTH FOR THE CURE

Sunday, October 12, 2008


7 Things I Can Do:

1. Write and speak, although it is hard to tell with my messy blogging. I used to write short stories and poems. I loved to writing research papers and taking essay tests. The longer I am out of school, the more I realize my grammar and writing skills are getting poopy. I don't know that I am a good speaker, but I sure enjoy it.

2. Coach a kids team, not that I plan on doing it again anytime soon.

3. Plan a party

4. Multitask. It drives Mike crazy because when we watch a movie I have to be doing something else too. I don't like to hold still. Or I just can't hold still.

5.Make up a story that my kids want to hear over and over and over again.

6.Mike told me to put organize. I think he is trying to put my OCD in a good light.

7.Nurse Summer while running after Everett at the same time I am cheering for Tracy at his baseball games.

7Things I Cannot Do:

1. SLEEP without crazy ambien.

2. Run long distances without chewing gum (weird quirk, I know)

3.Stop calling people douches. I have really been trying, but sometimes it just feels good. And let's face it, there are a lot of douches out there.

4.Eat the recommended caloric intake my trainer suggests. I don't eat a lot of crap, I just like to eat. I would rather do extra cardio than give up my late night bowl of cereal. Sorry Thomas!

5.Do anything around electricity. I am TERRIFIED of being shocked!

6. Leave the house without the beds made.

7.Touch raw chicken without gloves. I am not kidding. We have rubber gloves that I use. I also cannot eat meat if it isn't VERY WELL DONE. Unless it is sushi, that is.

7 Things that Attracted Me to Mike

1. He had really nice calves-I am a legs lady.

2. Sense of humor. We have a good time with each other and now with our kids.

3. His knowledge of the Gospel. He always has answers to my questions and never makes me feel stupid for not knowing things I should have learned in Primary.

4. His persistence. No matter how hard I tried to drive him away, he kept coming back for more. I eventually gave in and we got married. :) He is very driven in everything that he does. He puts so much effort into his job and his callings and into our family.

5.He keeps me on a pedestal. I just asked him what thing I can't do and his answer was "I don't think there is anything you can't do." He indulges me. He also spoils me, but not just with "things". I go out with girlfriends quite often, get busy with Primary stuff, go off about politics, get anal about keeping the house clean/organized... and he just deals with it. He also shows appreciation by telling me he doesn't know how I deal with the kids all day without killing them.

6.He can change a tire. Seriously, I broke up with a guy once after I had to change his tire. I like a handyman and Mike fits the bill. He knows so much about cars, electronics, houses.... he can do pretty much anything.

7. He is such a great example. He never swears or watches R-rated movies. I don't either, but having him around makes it easier for me. He is one-up on me though because he never calls anyone a douche or a sphincter. Stake conference was always a day to sleep in when I was growing up, but Mike has never missed unless he was out of town. Our kids are so lucky to have him as their father.

7 Things I Say Most Often

1. dude (usually referring to the boys)

2. douche

3. hilarious

4. No way!

5. radical (I think I am a wanna-be surfer)

6. seriously

7. I'll do it. I can't seem to say no and often take on too much. I tell Mike I just like to know things are going to get done correctly. Correctly often translates into "my way".

7 Celebrity Admirations:

1.Will Smith- He is smart and has a great look on life. He is a great father and husband and has his priorities in order. Plus, he has the body of a Greek God, albeit a God with funny ears.

2.Bill O'Reilly -He speaks his mind in an arena of people who generally oppose his views.

3.Ellen- Who doesn't love her? She is so hilarious! I admire how sure she is in herself and her convictions.

4.Eva Longoria/Eva Mendez- I have a huge crush on them. I also have a crush on Kat Deeley? from So You Think You Can Dance. She was the host. I am worse than Mike about checking out chicks.

5.Audrey Hepburn-She is a classic example of style and grace.

6.Mitt Romney. He is honest, educated and driven. He dealt with the Olympic scandal with grace and ran a good campaign. Romney 2012? I hope so. I would love to run for office one day(locally) and hope to follow his example. Maybe it is in the genes (Mitt is my mamma's cousin).

7.Kate Hudson. She is just so dang cute and seems like a fun person to be around.

7 Favorite Foods (in no particular order):

1. fish, actually any seafood

2. cheesecake

3. cereal/oatmeal

4. fruits and veggies- any kind, any time

5. milk

6.salads (Boooooring!)

7.peanut butter on or in anything

7 People to Tag:


3.Mike (you said you would do it)





Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Egyptian Theatre is proud to present the return of the Smash-hit musical comedy, PAGEANT!

PAGEANT features six lovely “women” competing with amazing style, comical wit, and genuine desire to be the next Miss Glamouresse 2009. See the contestants at their best as they show off side-splitting talents from ventriloquism, to roller-skating and even award winning iced tea recipes as they all vie for the crown and title. They are the picture of grace, talent, charisma and a little “something” extra. Don’t miss your chance to see the next great beauty queen of Park City!

Mike's mom, sister and I have this annual GNO where we see this awesome play in Park City. It hasn't been on stage for a couple of years so when I saw it was back I was THRILLED! Unfortunately, we caught these guys after they had taken off their makeup and heels. The guy on my right(with the Utah hat) is actually a fellow Pottery Barn worker. He has played Miss Texas all three times I have seen it and he is seriously the best! Marc is the other guy in the picture and he has played Miss Great Plains all three years I have seen it as well. If you are looking for a fun night out with the girls, definitely check it out. It is playing for a couple more weeks and is worth the drive. Word to the wise: DON'T BRING THE GUYS! Mike came one year and he thought it was creapy. Especially because one of the "girls" was actually pretty hot. The amazing thing is that they have a swimsuit competition and you cannot SEE anything! (They tuck really well.) I will have to get a photo from Doug of them in their beauty gowns and wigs because they are so HILARIOUS!
BTW, I am SO not ready for it to be this cold. Mike and I stayed overnight in Park City a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful. Last night my tushie was FROZEN!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Too much blogging?

I have been blogging a lot lately because Summer seems to always be hungry (MOOOOO!) and because I am working on launching another blog. The boys are always interested in what I am putting on our blog and I have thought it was cute. That is why we added the little pet widgets. They like to feed them whenever they can. Anyway, I realized today that all my blogging is really rubbing off on them. Tracy was playing with a toy camera and pretending to take my picture. After he was done he said, "This is definitely going on my blog!" Kids today.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Transformers, the classic


1. 1980's animation is SO amazing! Who needs CG effects? :)
2. 2005 is considered the distant future and we have rocket skateboards.
3. You can't beat the awesome 80's music. It makes me want to crimp my hair and rat my bangs.
4. It uses cool slang like referring to someone as "bozo".
5. A gigantic mass-eating planet threatens to chomp down on Earth. Global warming solved!
Ultimately, it is fun to watch a movie with my kids that I grew up watching. We LOVE transformers in our house (shocker) and can't wait for the new movie to come out.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you are likely to see a lot of posts regarding this issue from me. I hope you are all giving yourselves self-exams, getting mammograms and taking care of yourselves. Women are too important and we want to stop losing so many of us to this awful disease. One way to help is to join the ARMY OF WOMEN. Thanks for sending me the link Sari. I challenge all of you to tell at least 5 people to start doing monthly exams and getting mammograms at the appropriate time. If you are curious as to when that time is for you, I have posted a link on my "get in the pink" icon on the left. If just one person finds cancer before it is too late, you have saved a life!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Mac

I came upon this blog tonight and it really touched me. Do not look at it unless you are prepared to shed tears. It is a beautiful memoir to a little stillborn baby whose name was Mac. There are photos of his sweet little body and of the funeral and my heart just goes out to his parents. I do not know how people survive without the belief that families are eternal. Luckily this family shares this knowledge and I am grateful they have shared their experience. Here is the link:
I hope you are all as touched as I was. I haven't been able to put Summer down since I saw it.