Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take me out to the ball game....

Well, the T-ball season has come to a close and I am grateful. Those last couple of games were a little too chilly for me. Trace loved baseball (He doesn't like referring to it as T-ball.) and I loved not coaching. My favorite moment occured when he was waiting to bat. He suddenly yelled, "Mom, I need to give you a hug!" and ran over to do so. After that, he grabbed a bat and hit the ball. I hope he always needs to give me a hug before he plays sports.
Summer was Tracy's biggest little fan.

Everett was so desperate to play too. He kept putting on a helmet and trying to sneak out to home plate. His plead was, "I play baseball too Mommy." I was heartbroken every time I had to bring him back to the bleachers.


Troy & Charity said...

Everett is the cutest kid in the world!! Well besides my Deac Deac, but oh that pic. of him is sooo cute. I know what you mean about heartbroken, Deacon has been asking me for everything that he isn't supposed to have and then saying peease mommy. I can't say no to that little guy.