Thursday, February 25, 2010

Revival of the Blog!!!

I know, I know it has been FOREVER since I last posted but I have good reason. My computer crashed and we had to keep sending it in, having it looked at, having it LOST in shipping and finally receiving it back STILL BROKEN!!! I was ready to just drive over the bloody thing but luckily, thanks to a warranty, I got a NEW, FABULOUS, AMAZING computer. :)

Aside from that, to say I have been busy is a HUGE understatement!!!

Everything is going well at work. I seriously LOVE my job and how rewarding it truly is. I look forward to seeing those little third grade faces even on days where there is CRAZY drama!!!! (Some of you know what I am talking about when I say CRAZY!) Times have definitely changed since I was in Elementary School. I am appalled at the things to which they are exposed. I am also amazed by the strong spirits they possess. I am smiling as I think about them. Have I mentioned I love my students?

Homelife is crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way. As much as I love my students, multiply that my a million and then some and you will have a fraction of how much I love my kiddies! I enjoy watching them grow and develop cute new personalities.

Tracy at the moment is shut in his room so he can privately talk to his school buddy about legos. They are discussing whether or not to talk via webcam next time. Such a different generation! He recently lost his first tooth and is counting down the months for kindergarten. He is really into legos and can built them by himself. Well, that is when I am not putting them together because I like them too. He told me he would get me my own on Mothers Day. :) He still loves cars and is a great little reader. We took him skiing for the first time and were BLOWN AWAY with how well he took to it. By the end of the day he was ZOOMING down the slopes all by himself!

Everett is Mr. Personality. Every morning the first thing he says is "Where are we going?" He is doing great in school and is the toughest little dude you will meet. He wants to race motorcycles when he grows up and I am all for it. I know most moms would steer their yunguns away from dangerous sports but I told him we'd buy him a motorcycle next year if he was still passionate about it. His smile is infectious and his voice is adorable. He also has his mothers stong and stubborn personality which means he is often a challenge. If he doesn't want to do something.......HE WON'T!!! But he is a little love bug and gives me at least five hugs and kisses before I go to work. :) Another thing I adore is that he LOVES makeup almost as much as I do. When he hears my makeup case unlock he comes RUNNING!!!! I told him to get a job at MAC one day so I can use his discount. Motorcycles and makeup go together right?

Our little Summer is growing up way too fast. She is the perfect daughter for our family. She loves skirts and jewelry but she plays in the dirt and mostly with cars. She will play with her princess dolls once in a while but she is all about the cars and trucks. She has an extensive vocabulary with mostly food-related words. She outeats her brothers almost daily. If you even mention food she jumps up and down. That's my girl! She loves being adored by her brothers and manipulating them into doing whatever she wants. She copies everything they do-even making armpit noises. Trace taught her that one. She is very into clothes, shoes and accessories but I have no idea where she gets it (Hee hee hee). If her hat falls off she frantically yells, "ON! HAT! ON!" Same with her shoes. :)

Mike is working HARD and it is really paying off! I am glad he is able to make a living doing what he loves. He is currently doing a system for a 15,000 square foot cabin for a guy that I am pretty sure is starting his own cult. Seriously! I have suckered him in to working out and he is looking and feeling FANTASTIC these days. We celebrated our nine year anniversary in January with me having the stomach flu. Nothing says I love you like puke and diarrhea. :/

Another thing occupying my time is my ADORABLE new nephew, Ashton. He was born in November to my younger brother, Mike, and his cute wife Melody. There will be MANY pictures to come. He is cute little stinker and I am counting down the hours till a get to babysit him tonight. :) All three of my kids adore him and they always look forward to having him come over. They often ask when he will be big enough to play and show him all of their toys. Summy just says "baby" and gives him kisses.

We feel so blessed and so lucky to be surrounded by fabulous friends and family. We have run into some circumstances in which we have needed last minute sitters and chauffeurs and I appreciate all the help we have received. Thank you everyone! Especially you Melody! You have literally done the heavy lifting for me over the last two weeks. Sorry for being such a boob. ;)

Well, I will try to get some pics up this weekend and post some things about Christmas, Valentines Day, the kids, skiing etc. so for all of you who keep NAGGING me to update my blog.....LAY OFF! :)