Thursday, March 29, 2012


We are both excited and dejected to announce that this summer.....

We have been in our home seven years and absolutely ADORE our neighborhood and ward. We are just experiencing the repercussions of living in an area with so few children. Especially the ages of our boys. There are actually several girls Summy's age. There must have been something in the water that year. ;) Trace is a SUPER social person and simply has nobody to play with. His bestie moved last year and no matter how many times I send home notes with his classmates, we never get calls for play dates. I hesitate to say "never" because he has ONE friend with whom he plays. Mike and I are really good friends with his parents though and I am sure our friendship will continue. That said, it has been a very hard year. Well, for a few reasons, but not having friends is one of the big ones. 
We also want a garage. I don't want a big house or want to leave more of a carbon footprint than we need to.....but I have always dreamed of having a garage. I don't think that is too vane or big of a request. Haha. I had one growing up but never parked in it. I moved out at 17 for college and have always dreamed of one day having a garage. Silly, I know. We looked briefly into adding one to our house several years ago, but it just wasn't worth the price/effort. 
We aren't exactly sure where we are going to move. We like areas in Sandy, Draper, Murray and Holladay. If anyone has any input we would be grateful. :) There are different aspects of each area we like/dislike and simply cannot pin it down. Our main desire is somewhere with more kids. That seems to lead us to Draper. Yet, Draper would be a long commute for Mike and to the U for me when I go back to school. We like Murray schools but there aren't a lot of kids in some areas. Same with Holladay. Our real estate agent has no idea what he is getting into having me as a client. I think things through often waaaaaaaaay too much. 
We are putting our house on the market in a couple of weeks. I have been in and out of the blog world so much these last couple of years I don't even know if anyone reads it anymore. LOL I just felt the need to spew my thoughts and explain why we are leaving. Last year a few families moved and the rumors began right away. NO, we don't think we are "too good" for the area, NO, we haven't been offended by anyone, and YES we still plan to keep in touch. 
To any of our neighbors who read this, we love you and appreciate you making this area home for the last seven years. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stay tuned.....

Big changes about to happen.........