Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Egyptian Theatre is proud to present the return of the Smash-hit musical comedy, PAGEANT!

PAGEANT features six lovely “women” competing with amazing style, comical wit, and genuine desire to be the next Miss Glamouresse 2009. See the contestants at their best as they show off side-splitting talents from ventriloquism, to roller-skating and even award winning iced tea recipes as they all vie for the crown and title. They are the picture of grace, talent, charisma and a little “something” extra. Don’t miss your chance to see the next great beauty queen of Park City!

Mike's mom, sister and I have this annual GNO where we see this awesome play in Park City. It hasn't been on stage for a couple of years so when I saw it was back I was THRILLED! Unfortunately, we caught these guys after they had taken off their makeup and heels. The guy on my right(with the Utah hat) is actually a fellow Pottery Barn worker. He has played Miss Texas all three times I have seen it and he is seriously the best! Marc is the other guy in the picture and he has played Miss Great Plains all three years I have seen it as well. If you are looking for a fun night out with the girls, definitely check it out. It is playing for a couple more weeks and is worth the drive. Word to the wise: DON'T BRING THE GUYS! Mike came one year and he thought it was creapy. Especially because one of the "girls" was actually pretty hot. The amazing thing is that they have a swimsuit competition and you cannot SEE anything! (They tuck really well.) I will have to get a photo from Doug of them in their beauty gowns and wigs because they are so HILARIOUS!
BTW, I am SO not ready for it to be this cold. Mike and I stayed overnight in Park City a couple of weeks ago and it was beautiful. Last night my tushie was FROZEN!


Ben said...

This is Val BTW. I totally saw Pageant a couple of weeks ago with my Mom and sisters. We loved it. My sister and I were laughing sooo hard we cried when Miss Texas was jumping around with his/her cap guns. I can't believe you know him, how hilarious.
We need to take all of our girlfriends next time it comes. Good times.

Lizy Nielsen said...

Pageant is awesome, I saw it opening weekend. It hurt my self esteem though, because the Ms Cali (actually I think she was Ms West Coast) was sexier than I am. That was a problem for me!