Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zoo-rific outing

We went to the zoo Tuesday and it was the PERFECT day for it. The weather was beautiful and the crowds were small. The only time I could get the older kids together for a photo was from behind as they looked into the water. I figured it would have to do. I went with longtime pals Tonya and Heather and kept thinking how fast time goes by. It doesn't seem that long ago we were all newlyweds going to the University of Utah. Now we have six kids collectively and one more on the way (Heather, not me). I feel so lucky to have friends with children the same ages as my kids. It makes life so fun. Now, rather than sitting around talking about finals and spring break we talk about poopy diapers and preschool. What a ride!


April said...

Hi Leesa! So we grew pumpkins too - it was my favorite thing in our garden!
I'm glad you are back to work - see ya in a month!

p.s. I totally think your boys look alike too!