Monday, March 23, 2009

Taggity Tag Tag

Charity tagged us with a fun photo challenge that goes like this: Open your pictures, find the sixth folder and choose the sixth photo. Then post the photo and blog about it.

I love this photo of Tracy when we were on the island of St. Thomas. We went on a cruise when he was just 4 months old and he was such a trooper. He did great on the sand and we even helped him swim in the ocean. It is fun to look at old pictures. Oh, Trace. He has grown so much. By the way, he is with his Aunt Mindy. My legs were definitely not that skinny.
I now tag...Sari, Kristen, Jami, Trisha, Hillary and Nik

Saturday, March 21, 2009

TV Specialists getsTAGGED!

I have never understood the necessity to deface public property (other than toilet papering). Mike arrived at work this morning to find this:
I think graffiti can be cool and some people are actually very talented. I love going on the train in NYC or DC and seeing some sweet tagging on the sides of abandoned buildings. I don't however think it is cool to tag the door of someones office door. I have three words for these dudes: TOTAL DOUCHE BAGS! They could have at least done something cool. This is really lame.
Luckily with some elbow grease, paint remover and razor blades this is what the building looks like now:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Summer is 8 months old

Eight months is a fun age for babies but it is also a very busy time. Summy is crawling and standing (as long as she is holding on to something). Gone are the days of putting her on a blanket while I shower. She is out the door and down the hall by the time I am done. She is so much fun and turning into quite a character. She loves to stick out her little pointy tongue and blow raspberries. She says "Mamma and a-Dadda". Tracy feels very left out she hasn't said his name yet but he is working on it. She makes this cute little scrunched up face just like Everett did. Tracy calls it a "crinkle face". She loves to smile and show off her two teeth. She also like to bite with them so nursing may come to an end REAL soon. Little stinker. We are all still completely in love with her and I am grateful for all that she brings to our family.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! My step mom gave her a cute green headband for the holiday. No leprechaun pinches for her.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day to Ye

Hope you all had as fun a St. Patrick's Day as we did. Those sneaky leprechauns ran a muck in our kitchen leaving footprints ALL over! They turned our milk green and left us Lucky Charms as well as a pot of gold. Okay so if you look closely it is a cauldron from Halloween. The boys loved it though-especially the cereal. I don't buy fun sugary cereal so it was real treat for them. It was NOT, however a treat for me. We went to the library and they were CRAZY! My kids are energetic as it is so fill em full of sugar and LOOK OUT WORLD!
For dinner I thought it would be cute to make everything green so the kids had green jello, green macaroni, broccoli, peas and green milk. The result: today I changed a VERY green diaper. When I asked Everett why he had green poop he replied, "The leprechaun's did it!"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We FINALLY found a sport that Tracy enjoys watching...........

We went to the University of Utah's last meet at home against the Florida Gators and it was FANTASTIC! Tracy was cheering and clapping and kept saying "WOW, did you see that?" I am hoping the boys didn't get any new ideas about jumping and swinging on things. They do enough on their own. I am just happy to see Trace interested in something other than cars. Everett was more interested in the popcorn and sneaking gum out of my purse. He would rather watch basketball or hockey. The Utes won, of course, and we had a fun little family night. Next season go out and support them they are ridiculously awesome!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

100th post and Race For the Cure

I just realized this is my 100th post! It seems fitting that it is my invitation to join my Race For the Cure team. The team name is Busting Butts for Busts. I hope to see you all on race day which is May 9th. Click on the team name to head over to our team site and register your butt for the cure! If you cannot make it to the race you can "sleep in for the cure" and donate money. Breast cancer, well all cancer, sucks so lets fight it together and enjoy spending a fun morning together at the same time. I am thinking maybe we could put together a potluck lunch after.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A visit from Sandy

My very favorite woman in the world, my Aunt Sandy, came to visit last weekend and we had the greatest time. She is my Dad's sister and we have been close since I was young. There are almost 40 years between us but it never seems like it. Maybe because she is still a total babe! The last time I saw her was when Everett was blessed so it was fun to have her see my little family. I used to spend a week with her family in California every summer where we would have weekends in San Fransisco, shopping days in San Jose and strolls on the beach in Santa Cruz. She has always been my biggest supporter as well as my biggest reality checker. She has always praised my accomplishments and confronted me about stupid choices (unfortunately there were more than a few). Through it all she has been the greatest aunt anyone could ask for. I was so grateful she was finally able to meet Summer. We talked and reminisced for HOURS but still the time went by far too quickly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Farewell to a friend

On Tuesday TV Specialists lost one of their own to a tragic plane crash on Antelope Island. The pilot was a great employee who leaves behind a wife, twin 3 year old girls and a baby boy. A fund has been set up for the family at America First Credit Union in the name of Kirk Babbitt Memorial Fund. I know times are tight for everyone, but if you would be willing to donate ANYTHING you would be helping a family who greatly deserves help. They are a young family who has just faced the biggest nightmare we all hope to never come across. Our hearts go out to his family and pray for their comfort at this time. Life is so precious. We never know just when our time will come. He was such a nice guy. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have been able to go with my girlfriends up to Bear Lake last weekend. He covered Mike's department so he could stay home with the kids.