Monday, June 29, 2009

Good to be home.

Well, you were all right. the airport and the plane ride were just fine. The boys were FANTASTIC on the plane. I didn't even have to pull out the DVD player. Summer cried, no SCREAMED, for an hour straight, but other than that everything was fine. I actually think it was harder coming home when Mike was with us. Maybe because it was 5:30 in the morning!!!!!! I love to travel, but it is always nice to come home. Now it is time to get ready for Tracy's birthday bash on Wednesday. I cannot believe he is FIVE!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here we go.....

Well, today is the big day. In about seven hours I am going to be taking all three kids, the double stroller, three car seats and A WHOLE LOT OF CRAP through security and onto an airplane. The kicker: MIKE IS NOT GOING TO BE WITH ME! Yikes. He is already in Florida for a convention and we are meeting up with him today. I am not worried about the actual plane ride. I am nervous about keeping my little entourage together while we remove our shoes, break down the double stroller, pull out the DVD player, display my liquids and all the other precautionary tasks I get to perform due to the stupid terrorists and tools(I am really trying not to say DB). To top it off, the airport brings out the WORST in me. I am usually a pretty even keeled person an I can adapt well to changes. When it comes to the airport that all goes out the window. I don't know why. Maybe I am so stressed about being late or frustrated with being told to go to the wrong line..... I really don't know why I get so riled. Once I get to the gate I am fine and all is good. Mike has had to hold me back twice for fear we were going to end up banned from different airports. It really is nuts. Mike and Melody are going to be on the same flight as us but I am going to the airport much earlier than them. There is that darn punctuality obsession again. :)
All in all I am so excited for this trip. We have had it planned for over a year and it is going to be fabulous. My brother is doing his residency in Gainesville and we haven't seen my nieces for years! They have never even met Summer. We are all going to go to Orlando together and I think the boys will love having other kids with whom they can hang out. Last time we did Disney World Tracy was only two and I was VERY pregnant with Ev. This time will be fun because both of us can actually go on cool rides.
One thing I have learned from my friend Becca: Don't tell your kids you are going to Disney until you are actually at the gates. For the last year we have been getting asked, "How many more days?" Although it has actually been great because they have been saving their money for a year.
Okay, enough ranting. Buh Bye.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good News!

On Easter Tracy came up to me and posed this question, "Mommy guess what I am getting for Christmas?" "What?", I asked. "A COUSIN!" Mike and Melody were over for dinner and that is how they announced to us that they are having a baby!!!! Those of you who know them know what they have gone through and why this news is extra exciting. I selfishly want them to have a little girl so Summer has a little pal but either way we are SOOOOOO elated! I have been wanting to post something about this but wanted to wait until they put it on their own Blog. Congratulations guys!!!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Break for Mommy

Charity and I got to sneak away for a fun weekend together in sunny St. George. We are both in love with the sunny city and are always plotting how we are going to move there together some day. With or without Mike and Troy. Just kidding. Although we actually did propose the idea once. It wasn't received very well.

Check list for St. George:
2. Shopping-

3. Yummy food-CHECK
4. Get mistaken as part of a youth group while doing baptisms at the Temple-

5. Meet up with old friends-CHECK
6. Early morning walk-CHECK
7. Gymnastics on the front lawn-

8. Pose for goofy pictures-

(We are mimicking the poses her daughter Oakley always makes in pictures.)
9. Stay up late talking-CHECK
10.Skinny dipping-Not this trip. :)

Funny story:When I lived in St. George I had a friend, Bart, who lived in the same apartment complex. Occasionally he would have BBQ's at his mom's vacation home. Years later when I became friends with Charity we put it together that Bart was her Uncle. (I know it is confusing. He is much younger than his siblings and she is the oldest in her family so they are a year apart.) Anyway, the place I stayed this weekend was the SAME place I used to hang out over 10 years ago!!! I am going to have to find some of the old pics. It was funny how familiar the place was and how much I remembered it. I still keep in touch with Bart but I never thought his niece would end up being one of my best friends! Small world. Come to think of it, I think I probably did gymnastics on the lawn back then too. My how I have matured. :)