Monday, October 27, 2008

Men on the moon.

Tracy and Everett have been really into space, planets, rockets etc. lately so we took them on a field trip to the Clark Planetarium.

Leave it to our boys to find a way to make the night about cars. Here they are driving their moon rovers. Tracy keeps trying to convince me he has actually been to the moon. He says he went there when he was in heaven so sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldn't correct him. Of course he also says he shot all of the aliens before Neil Armstrong got there so.......
Their interest in space has been really cute until this morning. They woke up while it was still dark outside and started yelling they could see Saturn and "Aranus"out their bedroom window. For a mommy with insomnia that is just not cool.


Troy & Charity said...

We have got to go there together sometime it looks fun. Maybe it could be a family night activity!?

Becca Jo said...

I'm glad that Tracy took care of those aliens for us humans. what a hero!