Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sleepless in Midvale

I was really hoping that I would be the only member of our family with sleep issues, but lately Everett has been waking up MULTIPLE TIMES during the night SCREAMING! At first I thought maybe he was just having a bad dream from watching Batman cartoons or something, but after a week I realized something was wrong. I talked to our Pediatrician and sure enough Ev has night terrors. I told the Doc we don't let him watch very scary things but he said it usually doesn't even have to do with that. Apparently it has more to do with a common underlying anxiety about abandonment or something. He also said it may last for a few more YEARS!I feel so bad for him. He just screams and doesn't know what is going on. I usually have to wake him and then rub his back till he falls asleep and wakes up an hour later. Poor little dude. Between his night terrors and Summy teething I have had plenty of company during those wee hours of the night/morning. Whether I want the company or not.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's official!!!

Mike's younger brother, Bubba, officially proposed to Tiffany on Saturday night in rope lights up at Deer Valley. We are so thrilled! She is darling and will be a perfect fit to the Bollinger clan. She may be a bit too normal though. Ha ha. We absolutely adore her and our kids cannot wait to have her as their newest Auntie. Congratulations you two. We are counting down the days till August.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well, after having to reinstall Picassa and reload my pictures, I have FINALLY gotten around to posting our Easter festivities. The Easter Bunny made a surprise visit at Grandma and Grandpa Bollinger's on Friday where the boys enjoyed an awesome Easter egg hunt. I don't have any pictures unfortunately.
Easter morning we awoke to baskets of goodies and books about Jesus. Summer was so pleased with herself and the mess she made in her pink Easter grass.

Everett saw candy and shoved at least 7 or 8 gummy bunnies in his mouth. They were literally bursting from his cheeks!
Tracy could not wait to play Guitar Hero Aerosmith and looked pretty handsome in his bunny ears.

Somehow we managed to get out the door and on time to church at 9:00, but not before we were given a fashion show by Everett. He found some of Summy's glasses and went all Blue Steel on us.

After church we spend about half an hour trying to get all three kiddos looking happy and in the same direction in their Easter ensembles. We finally gave up and decided we would photo shop them later on.
After naptime we had a LARGE celebration at our house and I was so caught up in the preparations I forgot to take pictures. We were able to celebrate with Mike's family (including Bubba's new girlfriend, Tiffany who we absolutely LOVE), my brother and Melody, Naomi and Jeff, and the Burtons who are all basically family. We are so blessed to be surrounded by these wonderful people in our lives. I wish I had snapped some sweet pics of us playing Guitar Hero. Mike and Troy killed it. Charity, Oakley and I were a pretty radical trio if I don't say. Well, we had a good time anyway.
We have had a few opportunities to discuss death and the resurrection this year which set the perfect stage for Easter. I am so impressed with the children of this generation. They are so receptive and they understand things I still don't completely understand. Tracy has such faith in his Savior and whenever we talk about someone who has died, he says, "so now they are in the spirit world waiting to be resurrected." I think when I was four I could point out Jesus but I know I didn't have a grasp on the plan of salvation. I am so grateful to be blessed with three wonderful children and to have the opportunity to teach them as well as learn FROM them. As I said, they are truly an amazing generation. I am grateful for my Savior and what he has done for me. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too.

I love this picture because Summer is always happy yet here she looks really annoyed.
This is the Summy we know and love.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I was so excited when Mike called last week with a surprise-WICKED tickets!!! I love musicals and seeing Wicked is on my "Life List" of things I want to do before I die. In the words of a wise friend it was "balls" (thanks for the perfect reference Ben). The music was incredible, the costumes were beautiful, the scenery was fantastic and the performers were amazing! I snapped this photo of the dragon for my boys before I got busted by the usher. Always the rebel, ha ha ha. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to go and we had THE GREATEST seats!!! Plus, it is always fun to have a night out with Mike.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cookie Monster

Last week while setting up for our ward game night, I suddenly noticed Everett sitting underneath a table in the hall. He was obviously trying to hide and be very quiet. I thought at first he was pooping (he enjoys his privacy), but at closer glance I found this:

He had taken a HUGE cookie and was trying to eat it in secret. I don't blame him. The Parks made fabulous cookies. I just can't figure out where all the food goes on this guy? It must head straight to his brain to nourish his devious plotting.

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools Day

I don't know about the rest of you but I am sure Mike is happy April Fool's Day is over. It snuck up on me this year so I didn't get to plan anything big, but I did get Mike on a few things. I short-sheeted our bed, cut the straw down on his soda, put a lizard in the fridge (lame I know, but the kids loved it), and put worms in an apple. The boys were really excited about the last one. Next year I will think of something bigger and better. Not that I think you can only do pranks on April Fool's Day. LOOK OUT!!!!

From the mouths of babes.

It is no secret I love politics and often talk about them around the house. I didn't realize, however, how much attention my kids pay to what is said. The other day I was driving out of the Trolley Square parking lot when we saw a man holding a sign on the street. Tracy said, "Mom, that guy needs to get a job." Now let me clarify. I am all for helping those in need and willingly donate money to organizations through whom I know money is going to give aid. That said, there are too many people milking the system. I have watched too many investigations following these so called people on the streets in need that go home to their decent houses and brag to their friends about how much money they got that day. I have also offered food to someone begging for money downtown and gotten a rotten look because I didn't have money. So, Tracy asked me once why someone was standing by the side of the road and I replied "because they need a job."
Back to the story. So, Tracy says" He needs to get a job, but President Obama doesn't think he needs a job!" I thought it was hilarious, but I know many of you will think it is awful. I am not trying to indoctrinate my children and I have never attacked anyone's character. I just differ with certain people politically. And not just democrats, if that is what you are thinking. Republicans are idiots too.
I thought this was worth writing down. The picture has absolutely nothing to do with this political rant. I just thought it was cute to see Summy and Trace working on their cars together.

Happy Birthday Kiley!

Some of our very best friends celebrated their cute little daughter's birthday a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe she is already one. Tonya made her the cutest little ladybug cake that, as you can see, Kiley enjoyed a great deal.
I cannot believe Summer kept her ladybug antennae on most of the night. She and Kiley are only four months apart and it has been fun watching them grow up together.
Everett was more interested in playing with the baby doll than the party. He was really sweet with it until he drop-kicked the poor thing and laughed.
Greg has a big yellow VW bug that Trace looks forward to playing with every time we go to the Randall's house.
It was a FABULOUS party and Summy was partied out by the end.