Sunday, October 16, 2011

Checking in with the Bollingers

I have said it before and I will say it again, WHEN WILL I FIND TIME TO BLOG? I have missed the blogging world and it is a fun way to journal. Plus I know you have all missed hearing about our exciting lives. JK
To catch everyone, as well as myself, up on what has been happening with the Bollinger crew here is a little synopsis:

Mike has been busy, busy, busy with work. With his increased load, however, he has been traveling more leaving me to play single mom. I don't know how you single gals do it! Getting them all ready for school, while I am getting ready for work, getting lunches made, doing homework, shuffling them off to school, sports, dance etc. is a massive feat! Back to Mike. He is working with a lot of Universities, Deseret Book, and even the Leonardo which has been both exciting and challenging for him. I am so grateful he enjoys his job.

As for me, I may be finding more time to blog because I just put in my two weeks. Well, sort of. After crunching the numbers, factoring in both Mike's and my work schedules, paying a sitter etc. we discovered I was almost PAYING to work! It was very difficult to come to this realization. I love my job and was disheartened at the thought I would not be working with my cute students any longer. Fortunately, when I talked to my awesome boss (first time I had to go to the principal's office in my LIFE, lol), she offered a solution. She created a new position in which I will be working with the school psychologist and resource regarding behavioral issues. The best part is I will only be working while Ev and Summy are in preschool. :) I am grateful for the opportunity to be home more. Kids are only little for such a small part of their lives and I don't want to miss ANY of it!

Tracy is our big first grader. He loves school and excels in his schoolwork. I enjoy seeing him in the halls, which is one thing I was going to miss about leaving my job. He recently started a hip-hop class which involves a lot of tumbling and jumping around. PERFECT for our little ball of energy! He is going to start playing basketball in the fall. As for piano, he is on a sabbatical of sorts. He still practices but I don't want him to be an over scheduled kid so we let him choose something to cut out. He wants to try it again next year. He is a lego-master and can spend countless hours coming up with new creations. I wish he could spend countless hours cleaning them up as well. He continues to be the sweetest and most protective big brother. When I walk over to pick him up from school, he always has to push Summer's stroller. He often puts his arms around and comforts Ev and Summy. Well, when he and Ev aren't fighting. Oh, the joys of boys. He has become an awesome swimmer and wants to join the High School swim team....NOW! Haha. He isn't THAT good yet.

Everett is our mischievousness little squirt. He just finished soccer, in which I coached, and looks forward to starting hip-hop with Trace in January. He is in his last year of preschool and can't wait to start Kindergarten. He loves riding his bike and playing games. Especially when he makes up his own rules. Ev loves his friends and loves to tell stories about them. Even if they are full of hyperbole. So far his friend Sam has a race car, owns a rocket launcher and is part ninja. Haha. He is my favorite little exercise buddy. Whenever he hears the treadmill, he runs in and jumps on the cross-trainer. When we race at the playground he just keeps running, and running and running.....He wants to run the 5K Race for the Cure next spring with me. I am so excited! His amazing abilities also include the ability eat exceedingly without gaining weight. I think he has hollow legs. He has also become an awesome swimmer so I feel like the mamma of little fish. I am just glad all three love the water because Mike and I are water lovers and spend a lot of recreational time in it.

Summer is the princess of the family. For example, last week I gave her a foot massage because her feet hurt from wearing her boots all day. At least she is a sweet princess. She looks out for "her boys" and loves to give kisses and squeezes to all. Her Grandma Kelley is her best friend and she has her wrapped around her pink painted little finger. She began both preschool and dance class this fall. She loves both. She takes her ballet/jazz very seriously. She is working on "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" for her upcoming recital. Among her favorite things to do are playing princess, playing Jessie from Toy Story with Everett, making up and singing songs in public and getting excited over EVERYTHING! I love seeing her eyes light up and hear her sigh over the simplest things like getting Slurpees. Often times when she is sitting quietly I see my mom in her. A little gesture or turn of the head and I get a glimpse of the Grandma I am sure will be her other best friend one day.

We had a busy summer full of camping, family, birthday parties, time with passed far too quickly! On one of our trips, Mike, Ev and I were attacked by yellow jackets. Poor Mike got it the worst with SEVENTEEN stings! Everett got stung on the eye. It was so sad! I only got stung once, but being allergic, I was a little nervous the rest of the trip. We saw"The Little Mermaid" at Tuacahn last month and it was incredible! I will post pics of all of these things once I have time. Haha. Time.

Well, that is the last little while in a nutshell. I am excited to get back into the bloggity blogging world. I miss looking at all of your cute families and seeing what is going on in your lives. Sometimes that is the only way I keep in contact with many of you. I hope all is well and I look forward to blog-stalking you soon!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A very SCAAAARY birthday to Everett.

It is no secret we love both Halloween and birthdays here at the Bollinger home, so when Ev asked for a scary birthday party I was absolutely elated! He wanted blood and spiders and vampires and ghosts.....just what every five-year-old asks for, right?

Nothing beats a hairy spider for dessert!
The little ghosts and goblins entered through the haunted gate. I sometimes forget how desensitized my children are to monsters and blood. Some of the kids were too afraid to come to our house. SAD! 
We played pin the eye on the monster, had a candy pull and ended with scary bingo. I have no idea where these pictures are.....

Anyway, I am a mean mom and rather than have kids bring the birthday child a gift they bring a small present to exchange with the other kids. It seems to always be a hit.
I was so excited to get the Halloween decorations out a couple of weeks early. :)
Mummy cupcakes.
Ev got plenty of gifts at the family party! He loves Buzz Light Year and Megamind right now. 
We sure do love you Ev! You are the comic relief in our family with your adorable laugh and ginormous smile. You always make sure we give each other lots of hugs and kisses before we all head off to our busy days. Thanks for reminding us of the important things in life. I am always amazed at your ability to fall asleep anytime....anywhere. Just like your pops. Even thought it causes me to do more laundry, I think it's awesome you think you need to change your ensemble several times a day. You are quite the fashion guy. Your teachers and leaders always comment on how sweet you are and we are happy you are in our family.