Sunday, October 12, 2008


7 Things I Can Do:

1. Write and speak, although it is hard to tell with my messy blogging. I used to write short stories and poems. I loved to writing research papers and taking essay tests. The longer I am out of school, the more I realize my grammar and writing skills are getting poopy. I don't know that I am a good speaker, but I sure enjoy it.

2. Coach a kids team, not that I plan on doing it again anytime soon.

3. Plan a party

4. Multitask. It drives Mike crazy because when we watch a movie I have to be doing something else too. I don't like to hold still. Or I just can't hold still.

5.Make up a story that my kids want to hear over and over and over again.

6.Mike told me to put organize. I think he is trying to put my OCD in a good light.

7.Nurse Summer while running after Everett at the same time I am cheering for Tracy at his baseball games.

7Things I Cannot Do:

1. SLEEP without crazy ambien.

2. Run long distances without chewing gum (weird quirk, I know)

3.Stop calling people douches. I have really been trying, but sometimes it just feels good. And let's face it, there are a lot of douches out there.

4.Eat the recommended caloric intake my trainer suggests. I don't eat a lot of crap, I just like to eat. I would rather do extra cardio than give up my late night bowl of cereal. Sorry Thomas!

5.Do anything around electricity. I am TERRIFIED of being shocked!

6. Leave the house without the beds made.

7.Touch raw chicken without gloves. I am not kidding. We have rubber gloves that I use. I also cannot eat meat if it isn't VERY WELL DONE. Unless it is sushi, that is.

7 Things that Attracted Me to Mike

1. He had really nice calves-I am a legs lady.

2. Sense of humor. We have a good time with each other and now with our kids.

3. His knowledge of the Gospel. He always has answers to my questions and never makes me feel stupid for not knowing things I should have learned in Primary.

4. His persistence. No matter how hard I tried to drive him away, he kept coming back for more. I eventually gave in and we got married. :) He is very driven in everything that he does. He puts so much effort into his job and his callings and into our family.

5.He keeps me on a pedestal. I just asked him what thing I can't do and his answer was "I don't think there is anything you can't do." He indulges me. He also spoils me, but not just with "things". I go out with girlfriends quite often, get busy with Primary stuff, go off about politics, get anal about keeping the house clean/organized... and he just deals with it. He also shows appreciation by telling me he doesn't know how I deal with the kids all day without killing them.

6.He can change a tire. Seriously, I broke up with a guy once after I had to change his tire. I like a handyman and Mike fits the bill. He knows so much about cars, electronics, houses.... he can do pretty much anything.

7. He is such a great example. He never swears or watches R-rated movies. I don't either, but having him around makes it easier for me. He is one-up on me though because he never calls anyone a douche or a sphincter. Stake conference was always a day to sleep in when I was growing up, but Mike has never missed unless he was out of town. Our kids are so lucky to have him as their father.

7 Things I Say Most Often

1. dude (usually referring to the boys)

2. douche

3. hilarious

4. No way!

5. radical (I think I am a wanna-be surfer)

6. seriously

7. I'll do it. I can't seem to say no and often take on too much. I tell Mike I just like to know things are going to get done correctly. Correctly often translates into "my way".

7 Celebrity Admirations:

1.Will Smith- He is smart and has a great look on life. He is a great father and husband and has his priorities in order. Plus, he has the body of a Greek God, albeit a God with funny ears.

2.Bill O'Reilly -He speaks his mind in an arena of people who generally oppose his views.

3.Ellen- Who doesn't love her? She is so hilarious! I admire how sure she is in herself and her convictions.

4.Eva Longoria/Eva Mendez- I have a huge crush on them. I also have a crush on Kat Deeley? from So You Think You Can Dance. She was the host. I am worse than Mike about checking out chicks.

5.Audrey Hepburn-She is a classic example of style and grace.

6.Mitt Romney. He is honest, educated and driven. He dealt with the Olympic scandal with grace and ran a good campaign. Romney 2012? I hope so. I would love to run for office one day(locally) and hope to follow his example. Maybe it is in the genes (Mitt is my mamma's cousin).

7.Kate Hudson. She is just so dang cute and seems like a fun person to be around.

7 Favorite Foods (in no particular order):

1. fish, actually any seafood

2. cheesecake

3. cereal/oatmeal

4. fruits and veggies- any kind, any time

5. milk

6.salads (Boooooring!)

7.peanut butter on or in anything

7 People to Tag:


3.Mike (you said you would do it)






Kristen said...

I don't think I've ever heard (or noticed) you call someone a douche before. That's hilarious.

lorie said...

Leesa, hey, I am loving your blog -- it keeps me up to date on my favorite Bollingers. And, I noticed Speek on your website. Did Scott and Susan turn you on to this? You know Scott Hironaka created this, I'm assuming. Anyway, we need to get your schools on as beneficiaries. Call me and I will help you do that. Or email me. Talk soon,

The Bollinger Family said...

Oh, Kristen. You are lucky. It usually happens when I am driving. When I asked Mike what words I say a lot, guess what was his first answer? So embarrassing! I am a 29 year old mother of three and I talk like a teenager. I try to mix it up with sphincter or anal fissure, but those aren't much better. Maybe I need a road rage intervention.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

So, the whole time I was reading this I was thinking "wow, this looks hard!". I'm actually going to have to think about my answers for this one!