Monday, September 29, 2008

Everett Godiva

One night after giving the boys a bath I had Ev sit on the floor in his room while I grabbed his jammies. When I looked over this is the sight I found......
At least he had just had a bath-right?

Summer's Big Day

Yesterday we blessed Summer. She looked so sweet in her long white dress. I had it made out of my wedding dress and the lady did an awesome job! I am glad there are talented people out there. It made it special to see her wearing basically a smaller version of the dress I wore when I married her Daddy. Tracy was disappointed that Mike gave her the middle name Daisy. He really wants it to be Bumblebee, or Jazz, or Optimus Prime. Sorry buddy. BTW, he was too busy to get in this family picture.
It was a busy day but a lot of fun. I love when our house is full of people. Especially when we are celebrating someone special. Summer is very blessed (as am I) to have the support and love of so many wonderful friends and family members. It is on special days like this when I especially miss having my mom around, but I am glad I know she will get the opportunity to know Summy and the boys one day.

It was a very long day and we crashed after everyone left. I love this photo of Everett sleeping on Troy. He is Ev's favorite big buddy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tracy's shiner

Well, I didn't think we would have to deal with driving incidents until our kids were in High School, but Trace ran his Power wheel Jeep into a pole today. He was driving full speed and wasn't looking where he was going. The result? Tracy has this awesome black eye and Everett has a fat lip. Of course Tracy had to go to preschool and baseball today so there was no hiding it. I made sure he told everyone how he got it. I wasn't home when it occurred and when I asked him what happened, Trace said, "I almost broke my light!" He was more concerned about his Jeep than his eye (or his brother's lip for that matter). Boys will be boys, I guess.

So You Think You Can Dance

Last night Mike and I went to see the SYTYCD show and it was AMAZING! It was so fun to see our favorite dancers live. It is fascinating how much emotion can be expressed through movement. Three of the dancers are from our great state so the energy in the crowd was crazy. Go Utah! I've never been a big Comfort fan but she seemed to have gotten over her angry, I want to beat someone up attitude and I actually enjoyed watching her for once. Gev and Kortni kept their flirting alive and the friendly rivalry between Joshua and Twitch was as fun as ever.
On our way out we saw a mom and three little girls dressed up in tu-tu's and dance costumes.We started to laugh at the mom but then at the same time realized I will probably be that mom one day. I don't know what do do until the next season begins. People have been trying to get me into IDOL for years, but I just don't know if I could get as into it.
By the way, Joshua's butt IS that big! WOW!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting


On the 18th, our cute little Everett turned two years old. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. He loves Kung-Fu Panda so I threw him a little party and even donned my geisha costume for the event (sorry again to those of you whose kids were scared of me).

Everett and Kung-Fu master Mamma

We began the party with Kung-Fu trials. Each child had to prove their worthiness by completing four trials: chinese star throwing, balloon skadooshing (if you've seen the movie, you understand), bubble kung-fu and sword fighting. Below is a photo of Everett's very best friend Deac-Deac (Deacon to his parents). He is the sweetest little kid and loves Ev even though he pushes him around.Tracy-san vs. Tolman-san
It was really fun because most of Everett's friends have siblings Tracy's age. I invited them as well and I am glad I did. They understood the trials better and helped show the little ones what to do.
I love this picture of Tracy balloon skadooshing. This is definitely going on his wedding video!

After completion they were rewarded with great prizes. Well, okay they were just chinese food containers with candy and furtune cookies.

Finally, we ended with cake and ice cream. Ev was more interested in eating the cookies off of his panda cake than the actual cake itself. I shouldn't have gone to all the trouble and just put a candle in a cookie. No, I enjoy making a big deal out of birthdays and parties. I am dreading the day when my over-the-top, cheasy ways are embarrassing to my kids.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two months old

We can hardly believe our little Summy is two months old. She has been such a fun addition to our family. She is rolling over and smiling and even babbling a bit. We love to watch the boys with her. The novelty still hasn't worn off. Every morning they run down stairs wanting to see her and every night they won't go to bed until they've given her hugs and kisses.
Funny story: The other night Mike was holding Summer in one arm and some chicken for the grill in the other. As he walked out to the BBQ, Tracy asked Mike to get him something. Mike replied, "as soon as I put this on the grill". Tracy got a horrified look on his face as he replied, "No Daddy, we love her!" He thought Mike was going to put Summer on the grill. I do have to admit some times I am tempted to eat her. She is much chubbier than our boys ever were and her thighs look nice to bite. Don't call DCFS anyone, I said I am tempted to bite them.

Happy 4th Birthday Aiden!

On Saturday, we went to a birthday party for my nephew, Aiden. The boys had fun running around, playing games, shoving cupcakes in their mouths and playing with his new toys.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bad Mommy!!!

I took the kids to the store simply to pick up some groceries. Well, the boys kept yelling"get out of my way" and "what are you doing?" to fellow shoppers. I thought that they were acting like race car drivers initially, but soon I realized they were simply mimicking the way their mother speaks to drivers in the car. Most people laughed when I pointed that out, but I was a little embarrassed. It could have been much worse. They refrained from referring to any one as a douche or douche freak, of geriatric douche etc... I have realized I need to be more patient on the road, or at least keep my mouth shut! I don't use profanity, I just like to yell out sphincter and douche in colorful ways. It is a good thing my car only holds three car seats, so none of your children will be subjected to my road rage.