Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mike's Lucky 7


7 Things I Can Do:

1. Choose the Best Wife.

2. Make Cute kids.

3. Install a lift kit with new shocks and springs.

4. Design and hook up a Home Theater system with distributed home audio.

5. Ski, snowboard, wake board, slalom, & skateboard. (I'm no pro, but I can do them.)

6. Fix lots of stuff

7. Sew

7Things I Cannot Do:

1. Whistle loud

2. Drive slow

3. Blog on a regular basis

4. Go back to school.

5. Stand all the negative political crap during a Presidential Race

6. Fly a plane -yet

7.Think of any more things to write

7 Things that Attracted Me to Leesa

1. She is Hot

2. I liked the way she Dressed

3. She is cool to easy to talk to, and she would listen to my lame stories and pick up lines.

4. She is LDS

5. She is intelligent (more than I am)

6. She speaks her mind

7. She was friendly and not stuck up

7 Things I Say Most Often

1. What's up

2. That sucks!

3. Nice!

4. The difference between Plasma and LCD is...

5. Let's go off Roadin'

6. Don't worry, Your Car will be fine. (after, or while we are off roading)

7. Turn it up.

7 Celebrity Admirations:

1. John Wayne -He is the man!

2. Michael Scott -Not

3. Turk -He is awesome

4. JD -His daydreams are awesome!

5. LL Cool J

6. Letterman - I think he is Hilarious

7. Jack Black -soooo funny

7 Favorite Foods :

1. Mexican

2. Dessert

3. Puerto Rican

4. Dominican

5. Curry in a Hurry

6. Mexican

7. Latin Food

7 People to Tag:

1.Ben Springer

2. Troy

3. Anybody

4. Else

5. Who

6. Reads

7. This


Lamb Fam said...

I'm glad that we weren't the only ones who had to ask you what the difference was between plasma and LCD.