Sunday, August 30, 2009

Leesa turns 30!

The night before my birthday, we went up to the cabin with a bunch of friends and it was FABULOUS! I had so much fun reminiscing, laughing, listening to Ben talk about "K" sandwiches, and spending time with the greatest people I know. I am so grateful to have these people in my life. Most of us have been friends for over half our lives and it is fun to see how much we've grown as well as how little we've changed. :) Thanks for a wonderful evening!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

30 Years of Random Wisdom

On Sunday, I made it to a huge milestone-I TURNED 30. Now, I realize many people struggle with this but I am actually really EXCITED for my 30's. I feel more confident in who I am, I have created a family and now I get to enjoy watching my children grow. I still feel the best years are ahead of me and am proud of the years behind me.

Here are 30 random things I have discovered in my thirty years of life:
1. Food that burns going in usually burns coming out.
2. Friends can become family and vice versa.
3. Chance is a gift so act on chance when given the opportunity.
4.How to fold a fitted sheet.
6. Be grateful to those who came before us.
7.If you leave the toilet seat up fecal particles can contaminate anything within a 6 foot radius. Think about that next time you brush your teeth.
8. America is THE GREATEST nation on Earth!
9. We are all stronger than we realize.
10. God exists
11. Satan exists
12. DO NOT wait too long to go to the hospital when you are in labor!
13. Time heals all wounds.
14. Anything worth having is worth the sacrifice and hard work required to achieve it.
16. There are two types of scuba divers: Those who pee in their wetsuits and those who lie about it.
17. People are placed in our lives for a reason.
18. Bend at the knees when lifting.
19. The governor in a Saturn kicks in at 113 MPH.
20. When a child eats both blue and yellow frosting the result is bright green poop.
21. How to fit someone in the correct bra size.
22. That which you are looking for is often right in front of you.
23. Don't judge others. You never know the whole story or their situation.
24. At the end of the day all I need is to see my three little smiling faces to remind me life is good.
25. It is possible to go five days without sleep although I don't recommend it.
26. If you don't act you will never know with certainty.
27. DO NOT call or text after taking an ambien. Probably shouldn't go running either.
28. Being an adult can be fun when you are acting like a child.
29. Be grateful for those who have served, currently serve, or will serve in the Military. A lot of sacrifice has been made for us to enjoy our freedom.
30. Life is a journey, not a destination (thank you Aerosmith) and I plan to ENJOY THE RIDE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my tidbits of wisdom. I would love to see comments with some of your wisdom. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well the day finally came and Christopher and Tiffany are now officially married! They are both wonderful, fun and talented people and I couldn't be happier for them. If you are wondering why Bubba is wearing a kilt it is because his family is part Scottish. Not that he wouldn't have worn one anyway. :)
They were married at the Draper Temple which was BEAUTIFUL as well as very WINDY! All of us girls were struggling to keep our dresses down (as was Bubba in his kilt).
Tiffany was a gorgeous bride and I love that she fits so well into our quirky family. This is my favorite picture. I see many fun times ahead for the Bollinger girls.
Our cousin, Jolynn. snapped this photo on a whim and it turned out so cute! She is a pro. I love how dapper my little men look. Summy was miserable all day but such a trooper. We found out later she had roseola. Needless to say she slept through most of the festivities.
My Mother-in-Law has THE most incredible yard! This picture doesn't capture all the beautiful greenery, the perfect yard and the beautiful flowers. She spent countless hours preparing it for the wedding so of course it rained!!! The reception was still fantastic.
Font sizeIt has become a family/friendly tradition to put a tacky license plate cover on the getaway car. It all began at our wedding with,
Thanks for starting this tradition Gert.

Congratulations Bubba and Tiffany! MWWWWWWWAH!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wedding Dinner

The night before Bubba and Tiffany's wedding we celebrated with them at a dinner up at the Mill Hollow Country Club. Dinner was delicious, the view of the valley was amazing and I loved chatting with family and friends. One of my favorite memories is Mike's toast to Bubba. He kept it pretty tasteful, but it is Mike so of course there had to be a sexual pun. He (Mike) shared with the group how he had asked Bubba what he wanted to get out of marriage. Bubba's reply was that he wanted to be a model husband, a model father, a model citizen and a model lover. Mike explained that he looked up "Model" in the dictionary where it read, "a small scale version of the original". So, in reference to being a model lover he was basically saying Bubbs was minimally endowed. It was pretty funny.
Bubba is notorious for taking bad pictures and this one was no exception.
Hopefully the wedding pictures turn out better. :)
The happy couple. We love you guys!!!

Tiff's Bachelorette Party!

I have been incredibly lucky because I absolutely love and adore ALL four of my sisters-in-law. Tiffany is the newest addition and from day one I knew we would get along great. A couple of days before the wedding Tiff, her sister Melanie and Bubba's sister Mindy came over for a little Bachelorette party at my house.
We started the night off with two of the cutest male dancers EVER!!!!

Race car driver Trace and Construction Worker Ev were so excited to dance for Tiff and other than Trace falling and hitting his tooth it was a great performance.
Next we played a little play-do pictionary with words related to the wedding and wedding night. Woooooooo! Play-do has never been so naughty. :) Thanks for the game idea Kriste. You are truly the game queen.
Next I tapped into my Jr. High mind frame and gave Tiff a candy bar poster that I had made. This is what it read:
It is CRUNCH time before your big day so let's TAKE 5 and share a pampering SPREE. Your BIG HUNK is anxious to see your MOUNDS and your WHATCHAMACALLIT. I'm sure you are also ready for his JUNIOR MINTS and his MILKY WAY. Don't be NERDS while YORK getting ready for the wedding. You little HOT TAMALES are in store for some wonderful memories and a lot of fun. One day when you are making 100 GRAND and playing with your little BABY RUTH you will look back at the ROCKY ROAD you have traveled and be grateful you are still SWEETTARTS.
Leave it to me combine cheesy and perverted.
We ate oreos, watched "He's Just Not That Into You" and chatted late into the night. I simply must share with you the new oreo trick I learned that night. If you insert a fork into the cream of the cookie and dip the fork into the milk- YOUR HANDS STAY CLEAN!!!!! I am really excited about it.
I love you Tiff and I am incredibly elated you are in our family!!!

Tracy's Fall From Grace

Two weeks ago Mike and Melody invited us to their ward party at a park out in Taylorsville. We went looking forward to some volleyball, yummy food and fun. Little did we know we were in for quite the surprise. While climbing up the outside of a tunnel slide, Tracy fell at least ten feet to the ground!!! He seemed to be okay with just a few bumps and bruises until I noticed his cheek.
These pictures do not do it justice! He had a HUGE goose egg for a week and the bruise is still there two weeks later! Poor little guy. You would think he learned his lesson but what did I see him trying to do last week? Yep, trying to climb up the outside of a slide again. Boys will be boys.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spongebob Everett

My sister-in-law, Mindy, put this video together with footage from our boating trip. Everett found the large yellow sponge we use to clean the boat and immediately thought it was Sponge Bob. It's pretty funny that he knows the lyrics because we don't have Nickelodeon. This video is hilarious!!! We love you Ev!