Friday, July 30, 2010

A Rockstar in the making!

I think Summer started singing before she started talking. Now, EVERY song must be sung to and EVERY melody must be danced to. We love our little Diva so much we threw out all the stops for her second birthday and ROCKED OUT in her honor.
I tried to make her invitation look like a magazine cover. Mike snapped this shot in Lake Powell and it captures Summy's rock star attitude PERFECTLY!
 For her party Summy wanted pink hair and the boys wanted green. I recently put a purple stripe in my hair so I figured they could have colored hair too. We had a good time getting everyone decked out. Everett always wants to play in my makeup so I let him wear eyeliner for the party. I think he looks like a member of Green Day. Not many three-year old boys get to wear MAC graph black. Ha ha ha.

 Guests arrived and were directed to the "PINK CARPET". I know it should be red but red didn't go with the theme of the party. Yes, I AM that OCD. lol Anyway, I put up a several tabloid pics as well as advertisements with pictures of SUMMER, the celebrity. They were so much fun to make that I could have made 100 more!
Who's ready to party? I love that she is all dolled up yet playing in the dirt! Is there any question she is my daughter?
 The colors for the party were pink, black and silver so the cake had to follow suit. I must say, I finally kicked fondants butt! We have had a love/hate relationship for a couple of years but now I think we have come to a compromise: I promise not to throw it against the wall if it promises not to be too sticky or break apart when I roll it onto the cake.
The girls enjoyed playing FREEZE DANCE more than the boys. That is probably why Zoe and Oakley won. I wish we'd gotten pictures of the first game. I called it "POP THE PAPARAZZI". We blew up a bunch of balloons and drew cameras on them. Since everyone at the party was a celebrity they got to POP the PAPARAZZI. They had a blast!
 Before we cut the cake the kids all got to make their own cupcake microphones. It was MESSY but oh so FUN!
Summy wasn't all that into blowing out the candles. She just wanted to eat the cake. Everett even blew out the candles for her.
I have never seen so much PINK as when Summy opened gifts! Pink dress ups, pink backpack, pink shoes, pink boxes, pink bags, pink tissue paper, and one Buzz Light Year (Whew!)

We always have such a great turnout for our parties and it makes me grateful we have so many people who truly care about us and our little family. No wonder Summer thinks she is a Rock Star! She is always being showered with love and attention. :)
Every celebrity went home with a SWAG BAG just like they do at the Academy Awards and other celeb. shin digs. Only I doubt Angelina goes home with Pop Rocks and George Clooney only WISHES he had a guitar shaped bubble necklace. Everyone even got an autographed picture of SUMMER. I am sure they will be worth a lot of money one day. ;)
 I LOVE THIS GIRL! Even when I catch her playing with her new Princess Vanity in the middle of the night. Although she is only two she is our family glue. We are all drawn to her sweet, calm disposition. Only she could get me to wear a princess crown and pretend to be Ariel. She is everything girl, but at the same time as rough and tough as any boy. I often worry that as the third child she is missing out on attention or learning experiences. In reality, it's just the opposite!!! Her brothers have taught her far more than I. In fact just today she pointed out an octagon to Mike. We were both flabbergasted! As sweet and small as she is I see immense strength in my little Diva. I know she has a great future ahead of her and look forward to seeing her reach her full potential.
What were we laughing about Jame? It looks like it was really hilarious and I can't remember.


Becca Jo said...

you are the best party giver! I love your cake (again) and the invites are to die for. you rock

Suzie said...

I LOVE her cake! So cute! And the invitations are so creative.

Holly Hart said...

Holy Cow! You are super woman!! Seriously, have you thought of being a professional party planner/coordinator? It looks amazing. What lucky kids!