Thursday, August 5, 2010

Buh Bye Jame....Park Silly style.

Well, we said Goodbye to Dave with a party so it was only natural we go ALL OUT when it was Jami's turn to head off to Minnesota. Those of us who could make it piled into Amber's Suburban and drove up to Park City for the night.
We began our night with some delectable treats from  SWEET TOOTH FAIRY and then ate dinner at Loco Lizard. As always, we were the loudest group in the restaurant.....especially when we started taking pictures. And when we tried to pull other people INTO our pictures. LOL Fun stuff.

After our bellies were ready to burst we checked into our fancy schmancy  hotel. Jami had a connection at the Waldorf Astoria in PC so we got a really good deal for the night.

We chatted by the pool till we got too cold, then headed to a movie. Being the ONLY non chick flick fan in the group I lost out and we went to see, "Eat, Pray. Love". I think seeing it with my favorite gals made it fun. :) I am still looking for the rest of these stay tuned. ;)
NOTE TO THE PERSON WHO LEFT THE TOILET FOR ME TO UNCLOG......there will be revenge. Oh yes! There will be revenge.