Monday, July 19, 2010

Lake Powell...because one good campout deserves another.

No matter where I travel or by what I am awed, Lake Powell always leaves me the most breathless! Something about the red rock makes me happy. The warm water allows cold water wimps like me to ski all day. The clear night skies allow me to see millions of beautiful stars. The sandstone arches and formations make me wonder about the landscape's geological history (Geek alert!). I could go on and on and on.....
Lake Powell has always been a special place for Mike and me. It was where Mike told me he first loved me. Never mind my response was, "No you don't!" In my defense, we had only been dating for about two weeks. Besides about a month later we were engaged anyway. LOL
We haven't made it down since having kids so we were excited to introduce them to the wonder of Powell this year. We were also excited our awesome friends, the Elletts, were able to join us. We are even more excited they are still friends with us after Everett puked all over the boat and gave everyone the stomach flu. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
The trip wouldn't have been the same without Mike's dad joining us. If you were to look up "Grandfather" in the dictionary and add a ton of awesomeness you would have Ted Bollinger. He is the coolest Grandfather a kid could ask for and by far the best FIL I could ask for. He was a trooper for putting up with SIX little ones. They all flocked to him and there was one point he had them all out on a tube and us parents thought about ditching them just to get a break. We opted not to, but the kids were all calling him Grandpa by the end of the trip. :)
Just chillin' on the boat. It is baffling just how much STUFF five adults and six kids can accumulate! It was a tight squeeze till we found our camping spot. We always have a good time with the Elletts. Our kids are about the same ages and we all LOVE the outdoors.
They have three ADORABLE girls so Summy was in heaven. Ev was in heaven too. He followed Kiera around and kept telling me he was going to marry her. Lil stud. As the oldest in the group, Trace took it upon himself to order everyone around. He's lucky he got little opposition. Except when he tried to boss Mommy around. THAT didn't fly.

Last time we were at RAINBOW BRIDGE the trail had washed away and we couldn't get very close. I was happy we were able to hike right up to it this time around. Even Summy made the journey albeit mostly on Daddy's shoulders. Trace was ecstatic when the ranger showed us a Dilapasaurus footprint and I was ecstatic when they sprayed us with their water bottles. It was scorching hot!
We found a great little campsite where a short hike lead to a pond of tadpoles. I ADORE frogs so I got really excited about them. Trace is my little science buddy so he got excited too. I am so glad we can be nerds together. :)
Who doesn't love roasting marshmallows by a good ole campfire? We were lucky to be entertained by Everett as he told heart stopping ghost stories in his sweet little voice. We also had an appearance by Brett Michaels........wait.......oh it's just me! Ha ha ha.

I found this little gem on the boat and simply HAD to ski in it. It was too tight, itchy, smelled funny, had only one collar and was TOTALLY uncomfortable. Still, I paid my respects to the 70's and sported it it while boarding until it took my breath away. No I am serious! I couldn't breathe and had to get out of this thing.
The skiing was FANTASTIC!!! I have never wake boarded so close to the canyon walls! I didn't realize just how close we all got until we watched the video later. We skied hard and CRASHED even harder at times. Still worth it. :)
The best darn flagger this side of Bullfrog! Summy loved her life jacket so much we had to force her to take it OFF!!! We also had to PRY the flag out of her hands when nobody was actually in the water.
Well Powell, once again you have mystified me and made me long for the next time I get to enjoy your warm waters, your sandy beaches, your beautiful scenery.............sigh. Till next year.


Alicia said...

Looks like so much fun. I've only done Powell once, but it seriously is amazing. there's something magical about it.
P.S. You look hott as Bret Michaels.

Brady + Marsha said...

I love that place! It really is so beautiful. I'm glad you guys had fun and that you are blogging again! I'm always so impressed with your grammar.