Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's an off-roading kind of Birthday for Tracy!

So, in years past we have done a race car party, a monster truck party......this year Trace wanted an off-road party. I came up with all these plans for a Baja 1000 themed shindig but Trace opted for a Moab theme instead. Fortunately we had gone to Moab recently so I had a few ideas fresh in my head.
On the invitations I had mentioned we were "going to Moab" and must apologize to all those who thought we were REALLY going to Moab for the party. LOL I thought having the address for the ward pavilion was clear enough. I wish we could have gone too.
Tracy's party was a day after we came home from Powell so I decided to not have the party at our house knowing it would be covered in boating/camping gear. Having it at the church worked out perfectly because we laid out a "slickrock" bike trail in the parking lot and had the kids bring their bikes and scooters. Easiest party game EVER!!! The kids had such a great time we had to BEG them to come eat cake.
I thought it would be fun to have the kids paint their own petroglyphs but it was SOOOOOO windy only a few kids got to try it. Most of their pictures blew off the table-AS DID THE PAINT! Ha ha. At least it was washable paint.
Pinatas are so fun we have them at most of our parties. I was grateful I had a hot handyman to rig up the pinata creatively when there was nowhere to put it.Tracy's cake was super easy this year. It incorporated all of our favorite aspects of Moab: off-roading trails, hieroglyphics, and Delicate Arch. The wind kept blowing over my motorcycle man which left me quite displeased. :(
SPOILER ALERT:Cutest nephew ever!!!!
Is he not simply adorable? Tracy has been telling people he has a new little brother. It has raised a few questions but I would be happy to claim him as my own.
We celebrated with family at a separate party and the cake turned out much better second time around-HOORAY!
Unfortunately for Trace, on his ACTUAL birthday he PUKED all morning! Poor guy. He kept saying, "This is the worst birthday EVER!" He felt better as the day went on and even went swimming.
I cannot believe I have been a mother for six years. I enjoy Tracy's insight daily. Whether it's , "Mom, judges are principals for grownups" or "Legos are broken toys we put together", or "Wow mom, it's amazing you are still alive after 30 years".....I could have a blog solely based on his "wisdom". Look out kindergarten, here comes Tracy! I am just glad I will be one hall over so I can sneak a peek once in a while. I couldn't ask for more in an eldest son. Love you Trace!