Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The bombs bursting in air.......LITERALLY!!!

As much as I adore Halloween I look forward to Independence Day more than any other holiday. No chick flick can bring this girl to tears, but show me a flag or share a story about a military officer, or watch me read a historical novel and I sure come darn close. Chills all over!!! I am so in love with this country and for what it stands! I am grateful for all that was done to create this amazing nation. I know that God planned for the United States of America to be a blessed nation and has protected us along the way.
The Burtons slept over the night before the 4th so we could go to the Murray parade. What ended up happening was Charity and I went out until 11:00, stayed up till about 3:00 and slept through most of the parade. Troy and Mike should get an award for taking the little darlings all by themselves. :)
I never did ask Mike how Summy got these beads........
Red, White and Blue MAC style.
This year Mike's parents were FABULOUS and took us all to Stadium of Fire. It was a night of fireworks, Carrie Underwood, music, dancing and almost getting set on fire (more on that later!) One of my favorite moments of the night was when EVERYBODY stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. "Under God" included! Talk about chills. It was especially enjoyable because Trace and Everett know the pledge and sounded so patriotic. Summy pretended she knew it too. I get choked up every time I see this picture. I am so pleased my children have been born as United States citizens.
At one point all of the Eagle scouts in the crowd were asked to stand. I am proud to say I am married to one honorable Eagle scout! I have definitely gleaned from his knowledge and experience over the years. The fireworks went off with a bang and I mean a BANG!!! Fireballs shot into the crowd and I swatted one away from Tracy. I also had to pat out a small ember on my leg! A poor little girl in the section next to us had her hair start on fire and ended up losing a big chunk. :( Tracy was traumatized by the event and yelled, "I almost got shot!!!" Summer, on the other hand clapped and yelled "yay!" Ev was unscathed by the experience. This pic was taken MOMENTS before the blitzkrieg! Okay that is a little dramatic but Tracy was an emotional wreck! He doesn't even want to do fireworks on the 24th. He is also even MORE anti-BYU and blames the whole experience on the cougars. Though I am a Ute through and through I felt I had to defend them. All in all it was a fantastic evening!



First of all that eye shadow ROCKS! Second, you have very cute children! And third, I'm soooo not ready for a third but it's a little late for that!:)

The Bollinger Family said...

Honestly Les, my third has BY FAR been my easiest!