Sunday, July 4, 2010

A camping we will go.........

I have to say some of our fondest memories are from our camping trips. We kicked of summer this year with an adventure which took us to Green River, Goblin Valley and Moab. We were very excited Bubba and Tiffany were able to join us.
The first place we checked out was Goblin Valley. None of us had ever been there so it was a visual treat for us all! It is true what they say about GV, it really DOES look like another planet! It was a ginormous playground for all of us as we climbed over the "goblins" and shared what we thought they looked like. Some were more G-rated than others. ;) I also think this is where Summy gave Tiffany the name, "Tinky", by which she has been called ever since.

We even had a Sasquatch sighting!
Oh wait! It's just Everett.
The next stop on our outdoor adventure was Little Wild Horse Canyon. We hiked through deep canyons with sandstone walls that were spectacular! I even made time for some yoga. lol
I am blown away by the beauty found in our state. I am often so wrapped up in the business of life I take for granted the fact I am surrounded by beauty in all directions. And there has always been something about the desert that makes me happy. Perhaps it is because I think I am cold-blooded. Seriously, I am ALWAYS cold and am perfectly content in triple digit heat!

Back at the campsite the fun continued. I cannot tell you how grateful I am Summy likes the outdoors. However I am even more grateful for her ability to maintain feminine grace while covered in dirt from head to toe. She carried this truck around calling it her "truck purse".
Everett is our anxious helper. Whether it's laundry or setting up the tent, he is willing to lend a hand and smiles the whole time. :) He has his daddy's contagious smile and his sweet little voice brightens all our days.
And finally Tracy, our car guy. From the time he was a tiny little dude he has had a love of all things with wheels. Mike made this dune buggy when he was younger and now Trace takes it everywhere to test it's "off-road abilities". He is growing up way to fast but I am so darn proud of him!
Since marrying into the Bollinger family I have learned they are never far from technology. Even in a TENT!
Camping is definitely one of my favorite past-times. I hope Summy continues to enjoy camping as well. I was always jealous of the Boy Scout's camping trips and hated the so-called "camping" in Young Women's. No offense! I foresee some rugged adventures for my daughter and me in the future. I foresee some shopping trips thrown in too. ;) We must stay well rounded right?
Our adventure continued with a stop at Tuscher Tunnel.
Then we were off to............MOAB! And I am happy to announce that my Disco came home with neither body damage nor we didn't get stuck in a rushing river bed! I call that success. And one more day of happy marriage. JK
We spent our final day exploring Green River. We went to a geyser, unsuccessfully searched for dinosaur bones, got a flat tire, and discovered a beautiful sandy beach.


Melinda said...

Leesa - my girl's camp always consisted of backpacking through the mountains to get to our location. Digging a latrine, purifying water or having it brought in on horses. You would have loved it!

Chandie said...

How FUN!!! Looks like a super fun vacation- and yes, Moab rocks!! :)