Saturday, January 28, 2012

To the days of picking raspberries.......

 Today I learned one of my oldest friends died of a heart attack at the age of 33. He leaves behind two adorable little girls. The shock is still setting in. I have had friends die in accidents or from having a serious illness, but it never crossed my mind someone could have a heart attack so young. I hear about it happening, but I never thought it would happen to someone in my life.I feel so young and full of life and I look forward to a long and bright future with my family. Realizing that could be swept away in an instant is disheartening.
I was literally in diapers with this friend. Our moms were friends. We rode the bus to kindergarten together. We picked raspberries on the property by his house. He was the funny one in our group. I remember thinking he resembled Donahue on that TV show from the 80's. I remember one of my best friends asking me to ask him to be her boyfriend. He brought smiles to all our faces.
When we are young we have nothing but hope for the future. We don't think of the possibility we may only have a short time on this earth. We can't fathom the idea we will leave behind loves ones in an instant.
Truth be told, this has been the worst week I have had in a long time. This news just about broke me. But, as sad as I feel I can't help but think of his sweet girls. I am so grateful to know that this life is not the end. In a couple of weeks, it will have been eleven years since I lost my mom. It was devastating watching her die, but I am grateful I at least had the opportunity to say goodbye. I was able to feel closure.
My heart goes out to his family. Loss is never easy. Moving on is impossible and for that I am actually grateful. If we carry a piece of them with us then their legacy lives on.
Here's to you old buddy. I will think of you whenever I see raspberries and remember how we would eat them all while we were supposed to be picking them for your parents. lol