Monday, January 16, 2012

I want a hip hop hippopotamus for Christmas.

I love this part of my life partly because I enjoy being a "soccer mom". I love going to my children's sports games, recitals and school events. On December 14, I attended the dance recital of Trace and Summy. Summer began a jazz/ballet class in August and Tracy a hip-hop one. They both worked very hard and had a FUN, FUN, FUN time at class as well as during their performances.

I have to give props to Tracy's instructor, Brandon. Managing seven rumbustious, hyper little boys was no small feat! The class consists of a half hour of tumbling and another half hour of learning routines. We had a few.....ehm....missteps along the way. Let's just say Tracy was a little TOO rowdy on more than one occasion and sat in the corner for part of the class. I bring this up because as time has passed I have seen much growth in Trace. He has learned to control himself (most of the time) and is often the teacher's assistant during class.

Summer's teacher, Miss Tami is adorable and so sweet with all of the little girls. Summer behavior is completely OPPOSITE her brother's. She takes it so seriously I keep asking her if she is enjoying herself. When Miss Tami does kicks across the floor and asks the girls to follow, most of them give up half way and start playing with each other's skirts. Not Summer! With a serious look on her face she kicks her little legs the whoooooole distance. At the end of class she is smiling and jumping around and chatting with her friends. Maybe I am just used to rowdy boys and I assume because she isn't yelling and causing chaos she isn't having fun.

Summer's class was one of the studios selections for the Festival of Trees. She was LITERALLY jumping for joy at the chance to perform. I will have to post the video. She was not only dancing her little heart out, she was singing the words! We didn't know what to expect when she got up there on that stage. Little did we know we have a little diva on our hands. She had facial expressions and everything!!! It was awesome.

It has been an exciting few months of dance and I look forward to the next recital come spring. Everett has just joined Tracy's Hip Hop class. So far, so good. I am just pleased my kids have found something active that brings them so much joy.


Alonso Family said...

i love that Tracy does hip hop, very cool! you so have to post videos of them dancing. i bet Summer was absolutely adorable.