Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day Camping

Ev means business.
We decided that since we were already going to be up in Heber for the Swiss Cheese Days festivities that we should stay a couple of nights camping in the beautiful mountains.
Sometimes I think the twins and Summy could be triplets. 
 Our friends, the Sullivans, and their adorable 4 girls joined us. Piper joined us too because he has been a little depressed since Phoenix ran away.
We spent most of our time playing around our campsite and the Sullivan's trailor. The weather was pretty decent and the kids all had a blast! As for the adults, we kept ourselves busy with Darin's "GRUESOME" jokes. ;)
Before we went home on Saturday, we stopped my the park to play....and get SOAKED!!!! The kids were filthy but they were having such a fun time we didn't stop them.