Saturday, October 9, 2010

I don't know but I've been told....Everett is four years old!

 I, I mean Everett, has been looking forward to an ARMY party all year long. ;) We are very patriotic around these parts so it was great to have an extra day to pay tribute to our troops and our blessed nation.
 Private First Class Bollinger reporting for duty.
 The ARMY rations given to all recruits.
 We wrote letters to the troops to thank them for their service.
I didn't do Drill Team for nothing people. I used my "skills" to teach the recruits a few drills and we had an official drill down. 
 Patriotic cupcakes and a Camo cake that looked a lot better in my head. Oh well, Ev loved it!
 I had to post this pic because I think it is so darn hilarious! I wonder what she is thinking?
Happy Birthday lil soldier! Your smile brightens my day, your voice is the most adorable sound in the world, your sense of humor is infectious and your heart is unconditional. We love you Ev and all that you bring into this world. Don't you ever change!


Brandt & Kriste said...

Lees, I am dying. I just gave Beckem an Army birthday party as well. We should have talked and shared ideas. There was a drill down at his party as well. Go drill team. Preslie is asking for a Rock Star party too. We are trying to decide, party with friends or Lagoon with the family. I would so be O.K. with Lagoon. I don't know if I have an extra minute to plan another party. But of course I will if she decides to party. I may be calling for some help. Great job party planner!!!

The Bollinger Family said...

Tracy wants to take a few friends to Cowabunga Bay rather than have a party next year and I am trying so hard not to show my disappointment. :(
Party planning is a full time job. Why do we love it so much?