Monday, September 20, 2010

Swiss Cheese Days

Every September,  in the hearth of Midway, people gather from the far reaches of the state of Utah to celebrate Swiss Days.....

......Well Swiss Days is for suckas! Swiss CHEESE Days is where it's at! Our imaginative pal Ben created this new holiday as a means to eat cheese, gather, eat cheese, listen to music, eat cheese, play games and eat cheese.   

Ben put a lot of work into this event and it showed! For the first game all participants were to throw a piece of Swiss cheese into the middle of the Swiss flag. Next up was the "Is it Velveeta?" game. We were blindfolded and given a cracker with either Velveeta or spray cheese. I think Ben was the only one who got it wrong. LOL It was an awesome night and we appreciate all the work put into it. Can't wait for next year's festivities!!! 
Sehen Sie später!
It was the perfect opportunity for Summer to wear her little Swiss dress from Grandma and Grandpa.