Saturday, November 29, 2008


I feel like I post so many girl's nights it seems like all I do is hang out with my girlfriends. While I am fortunate to do so, Mike and I actually do get a date night in every week. Well, as long as we can find a babysitter, that is. Last week we saw our friends band, Novaburn play at Liquid Joe's. His name is Lance and he is the guitar player on the right. I am always amazed at how well people can play guitar. Unfortunately Mike and I were still on a turkey hangover so we were not the most energetic fans. We did enjoy ourselves though. It was fun to see him in his element. Another fun tidbit is that the vocalist/guitar player on the left is in another band of an old friend of ours.The band is Dirty Birds and they are apparently still around.
His wife, Dana and I were at the NKOTB concert together and I told her he had a lot to live up to (; and he didn't disappoint. It was a fun night of rock, friends, crowd watching and eachother. Date nights are great. I ABSOLUTELY love my kids to pieces, but once in a while it is nice to remember Mike and I are still a couple. And, we like to think we are still cool. If you disagree keep it to yourself. Ha Ha. Thanks for a great night dudes.
They are radical so check them out. Sorry if calling you radical takes away from your hard rock image Lance, but I am a dork and it is one of my favorite words. Check them out at NOVABURN.


Hillarys little Paynes said...

Wow! that sounds like so much fun, I cant believe you guys get out once a week together. I would love that. maybe i need to prioritize better. we are lucky if we have a date 2 times a year. You guys are cool!!!, i wouldnt even think i could go somewhere like that anymore.

Trish the Dish said...

Kelly and I are lucky if we get a once a trimester date - how do you fit in one a week?! I'm really impressed. You guys are so good!