Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Oakley

Time goes by so quickly. Tracy's best friend, Oakley, turned five last week. They have been best little buddies since they were literally in diapers. Charity threw the cutest princess party for her. It was fitting to have it centered around Princess Aurora because we caught Tracy and Oakley playing sleeping beauty once. Charity caught them right before the kiss! Oakley has grown up into a strong (in every meaning of the word) girl and we have loved being a part of her life. She is so much fun to be around and we look forward to many princess parties in the future.

Charity made the cutest castle that Everett unfortunately got into before the candles were even lit. He ate one of the sugar cubes off the side. Sorry again, Char'd.

Prince Tracy pinning the lips on Sleeping Aurora.

Tracy slaying the dragon.

Prince Everett
Summers first princess party. She loves her new tutu and cannot get enough of it. She loves to play with it and fluff it around her face. My friend makes them and if anyone is interested I can give you the info. They are great Christmas gifts and so adorable!


Amber Burt said...

Summer looks darling in her tutu! What a cute party idea, a good way to keep boys and girls entertained.

Chandie said...

I LOVE that tutu!! How darling!!