Sunday, January 22, 2012

The truth about Mother Goose.

Last night, while reading Mother Goose nursery rhymes Tracy commented, "Mother Goose sounds drunk to me." He was so serious about it!
 I don't know where he gets his knowledge of how someone acts when drunk, but I have to agree with him. Most nursery rhymes are dark and grammatically poor. For instance, "and down he RUN"????Seriously? I have a pet peeve about grammar as it is, but how does one get published with that? Plus, a cradle falling out of a tree? Kids singing and dancing about the plague? 
I suppose I should give MG a little slack. She did, afterall, raise a litter of kids in a shoe. I would probably hit the bottle too. JK Okay, enough ranting. As much as they annoy me, we often read these macabre stories at bedtime. I admit I enjoy a little "pat-a-cake" and "this little piggy". But, overall I think I will stick to Dr. Seuss and The Moon Shines Down