Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Fools

School Days, School Days, Back to School Again......

This year Tracy started Kindergarten and boy was he ready! When his ADORABLE teacher, Mrs. Aune, tested him at the beginning of the year he let his "Traciness" shine through. She asked if he knew his letters and numbers and he raised his arms up gangsta style and replied, "BRING IT ON!" LOL He is such a character. We are lucky to have all day KG at our school. 

I am too cool to smile.
I'm gonna rock this place!
CUTEST teacher EVER!!!
I am working in the third grade again this year. Tracy's class is down the next hall so we run into each other a lot. I still adore my job and my students. Those of you on FB know some of the hilarious things that come out of their mouths. Once I am caught up I will post some of them. 

Everett began his second year of Preschool with Miss Anna and Miss Ginger. He has developed quite the singing voice and his teachers called the day of his performance very disappointed he was sick. They said he was their "star". :( He is always happy to help out and his smiling face brightens our days. It also brightens the face of his girlfriend, Jocelyn. He has come a long way with his "CK" and "T" sounds so no more asking him to say he loves KITTIES!!!!You know who you are.