Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thanksgiving / Tucker Reunion

For Thanksgiving this year we spent our time in Mesa, Arizona, where it was nice and warm. We had a Tucker Family reunion (my Grandma Bollinger's Maiden name) It was fun to see cousins and family. The only downside was that we didn't get to spend it with Leesa, as Mike and Melody had a baby just before we left, and Leesa was kind enough to stick around to help out with cute little Ashton. And lend her support where she could. So we definately missed her! (I probably missed her more than the kids, as they were so busy playing with cousins) The kids were pretty good though even with such a long 12 hour drive to Mesa and on the way home we got stuck waiting for an accident to clear outside of flagstaff for over 2 hours :(

Some of us got together to watch the BYU vs UTAH game over at Todd and Lori's, it was fun even though the U lost. Summer got a lot of attention from all the cousins which she especially liked. (not that she doesn't get enough of that anyway, lol)

Worlds Greatest Mom !

So, it's been a while since we've "Blogged", due to Leesa's Computer Problems, and the issues we've had with the Warranty Company, not to mention the Holidays, and the Craziness that is our life! Anyway, I thought I'd make a short post about Leesa, I know it's not mothers day, but I have been noticing a lot lately how great she is, and since she would never do, it and in fact it wouldn't suprise me if she takes it off because she is not one to be boastful. None the less, Leesa is such a great and caring Mother. A few Weeks ago, while Everett wasn't feeling good, I snapped this picture of her after she fell asleep next to him while she was comforting him. And did I mention how much she loves reading to the kids. Every night, the kids look forward to mom reading stories.

Leesa is so good to read to them almost every night. Sometimes it gets a bit crazy with kids climbing around and over each other, but she is great at being patient and handles them so well. She spends more time reading to them, than any one I've ever known, and they really love the time with mom. But it's not just the reading, it might be watching a movie with them, or going to their school program or country day. Whatever it is, she puts all her love and effort in.
Christmas is always a fun time to see how much thought she puts into every little present for each kid. Leesa makes every holiday so special for them. She loves dressing them and has a knack for it, so our kids are always dressed so cute. I don't even have to tell you about her enthusiasm for birthdays and how she goes all out, be it spending 8 hours on a birthday cake, or planning out the games and decorations for months. Our kids have it sooooo good! Although I only knew Leesa's Mom Pam, for a short time, based off of what I did see and stories I've heard about the way she was, Leesa reminds me a lot of her, and I know she must really be proud of Leesa and all she does. We have some pretty great kids who sure adore their mom!