Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thanksgiving / Tucker Reunion

For Thanksgiving this year we spent our time in Mesa, Arizona, where it was nice and warm. We had a Tucker Family reunion (my Grandma Bollinger's Maiden name) It was fun to see cousins and family. The only downside was that we didn't get to spend it with Leesa, as Mike and Melody had a baby just before we left, and Leesa was kind enough to stick around to help out with cute little Ashton. And lend her support where she could. So we definately missed her! (I probably missed her more than the kids, as they were so busy playing with cousins) The kids were pretty good though even with such a long 12 hour drive to Mesa and on the way home we got stuck waiting for an accident to clear outside of flagstaff for over 2 hours :(

Some of us got together to watch the BYU vs UTAH game over at Todd and Lori's, it was fun even though the U lost. Summer got a lot of attention from all the cousins which she especially liked. (not that she doesn't get enough of that anyway, lol)


Dawson Family said...

Hey Leesa! In a very round about way I stumbled onto your blog! How fun! This is Amy Bailey/Mehl now Dawson. It is so fun to see you and your cute kids! Can you believe we are moms? Looking back on high school it is very weird to think of how far we have come. I haven't looked at your blog much so where are you living etc??? I would love to catch up with you. Email me at when you get a chance.

kanaboke said...

I still can't believe you are cousins with Susan! Small, small world!

The Bawdens said...

Hi Leesa I found your cute bolg. It's so fun to see you family very cute kids. Let's get together sometime SOON!