Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday of Speed!

So This Year for Everett's Birthday, we took the Kids out to the Salt Flats to see the World of Speed Racing. Basically, Any car, (record breaking or just your average Joe with a Porsche, when they're ready, and have had their car inspected, they then get in line and wait. So you could see one person going 130mph, and the next guy goes 500mph! How it works. It's pretty laid back because once in a while something happens and you wait 15 minutes before the next person goes. It was fun. I had never actually been out on the salt flats before, it was strange, it is rock hard, like driving on asphalt, but because there were some places that still were wet, here's a picture of my car after, you should see the undercarriage! We took Tracy's bike out with us, and he had a ball riding around, until the tire suddenly burst just sitting in the sun, it was weird. We all had a great time, definitely have to go again sometime!
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