Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School

Hi-ho-hi-ho, it's off to school WE go. Originally I had planned on sending Trace to Kindergarten this fall, but in April I had a feeling that maybe we should wait. His teachers thought he was ready, we had gone to orientation, he had picked out his new backpack, I had signed up for PTA....... I don't know why I suddenly felt like waiting one more year. Tracy's birthday is at the end of June, so he would have been the youngest in his class. As an August birthday myself, I didn't foresee it being a problem. I prayed and prayed and got advice from friends who have/had children in the same situation and ultimately decided on one more year of preschool.
Since making that decision I have not regretted it AT ALL! I figure, what is the rush for him to grow up anyway? Now he can drive all through High School and, if you know Trace, you know that getting to drive is like receiving the keys to the castle. Another plus is that he and Everett go to preschool together. They are obviously in different classes but it is cute to see them walk in together and sing their school songs in unison. On the first day Tracy put his arm around Everett's shoulder and walked him to his class. It was such a sweet moment. I have had several people, namely teachers, tell me that boys with late birthdays do better if they wait to go to school. So, I am glad I had that motherly "feeling" and that I followed my gut.

Tracy informed me this is his new pose because he is a "cool kid".
Everett is in a phase in which he copies EVERYTHING Tracy does. Thus, he made the "cool kid" pose too.
If you are wondering why I mentioned off to school WE go it is because I am back in school too. Not as a student, but as an "intervention specialist" which is basically a fancy way of saying teacher's aide. I work with third graders and I am so in love with my class I look forward to seeing them every day. I also love that they get excited to see me and give me hugs. Although, after orientation I am PARANOID ABOUT LICE!!!!! It is weird to be called Mrs. Bollinger but fun as well.
The teacher with whom I work is also FANTASTIC! I couldn't have been paired with a better person. She is organized(YAY!), doesn't take crap from the kids and has so many creative ideas. It is her first year out of student teaching so we are sort of learning the ropes together. I know I will learn a lot from her. Another benefit is that I get to see the inner workings of the school before Tracy begins next year.


Becca Jo said...

Um he LOOKS cool. That's awesome.

So do you work full time? That sounds so fun. I was going to back to school but I'm totally going to drop out.

Your boys are SO CUTE.

Nik said...

Love the pictures. Glad you listened to that quiet little voice. It's usually right! And also, congrats on being "Back In School"! how fun. I volunteer at the girls school all the time and I have to rocks. I have a personal relationship with the administration and staff, I see who my kids are hanging with and how they are really doing in school, and I get to know all their little friends. It's so fun to be in the school!

Ben said...

School Rocks! Your dudes look especially rad.

Trish the Dish said...

Good lookin little boyz - love these pics!