Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wedding Dinner

The night before Bubba and Tiffany's wedding we celebrated with them at a dinner up at the Mill Hollow Country Club. Dinner was delicious, the view of the valley was amazing and I loved chatting with family and friends. One of my favorite memories is Mike's toast to Bubba. He kept it pretty tasteful, but it is Mike so of course there had to be a sexual pun. He (Mike) shared with the group how he had asked Bubba what he wanted to get out of marriage. Bubba's reply was that he wanted to be a model husband, a model father, a model citizen and a model lover. Mike explained that he looked up "Model" in the dictionary where it read, "a small scale version of the original". So, in reference to being a model lover he was basically saying Bubbs was minimally endowed. It was pretty funny.
Bubba is notorious for taking bad pictures and this one was no exception.
Hopefully the wedding pictures turn out better. :)
The happy couple. We love you guys!!!


Nik said...

I love the new family picture!

kristi and family said...

i love the new picture and you look super HOT!!!!

Chandie said...

Leesa, you are beautiful. LOVE that first picture!