Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tiff's Bachelorette Party!

I have been incredibly lucky because I absolutely love and adore ALL four of my sisters-in-law. Tiffany is the newest addition and from day one I knew we would get along great. A couple of days before the wedding Tiff, her sister Melanie and Bubba's sister Mindy came over for a little Bachelorette party at my house.
We started the night off with two of the cutest male dancers EVER!!!!

Race car driver Trace and Construction Worker Ev were so excited to dance for Tiff and other than Trace falling and hitting his tooth it was a great performance.
Next we played a little play-do pictionary with words related to the wedding and wedding night. Woooooooo! Play-do has never been so naughty. :) Thanks for the game idea Kriste. You are truly the game queen.
Next I tapped into my Jr. High mind frame and gave Tiff a candy bar poster that I had made. This is what it read:
It is CRUNCH time before your big day so let's TAKE 5 and share a pampering SPREE. Your BIG HUNK is anxious to see your MOUNDS and your WHATCHAMACALLIT. I'm sure you are also ready for his JUNIOR MINTS and his MILKY WAY. Don't be NERDS while YORK getting ready for the wedding. You little HOT TAMALES are in store for some wonderful memories and a lot of fun. One day when you are making 100 GRAND and playing with your little BABY RUTH you will look back at the ROCKY ROAD you have traveled and be grateful you are still SWEETTARTS.
Leave it to me combine cheesy and perverted.
We ate oreos, watched "He's Just Not That Into You" and chatted late into the night. I simply must share with you the new oreo trick I learned that night. If you insert a fork into the cream of the cookie and dip the fork into the milk- YOUR HANDS STAY CLEAN!!!!! I am really excited about it.
I love you Tiff and I am incredibly elated you are in our family!!!