Friday, July 31, 2009

Pioneer Day

This year I broke tradition. Rather than sleep in while Mike takes the kids to the parade I actually got my butt out of bed and joined the fam. I will probably go back to tradition next year. I may be a party pooper but I DON'T LIKE PARADES. I never have. Mike's family saves us a place every year so we met up with them and our friends, the Randalls. I actually did have fun visiting with everyone.
This explains why Everett wouldn't take a nap that day. Thanks a lot Bubba!

We went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's and then headed over to BUTLER DAYS! It is going to be our new tradition.
They had : Cars on display,
Bouncy slides for the kids,
FREE watermelon for everyone,
and AMAZING fireworks!
You all need to seriously check it out next year.

Charity and I bought the girls matching oufits while we were on our romantic getaway in St. George.


Alicia said...

But YOU are awesome!

Suzie said...

I'm not a fan of parades either.

Brandt & Kriste said...

Look how festive everyone looks. I love it!