Monday, July 6, 2009

Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-Happy Birthday BATMAN!!!!

You are invited to a gathering of all secret super heroes...................

Up until a couple of months ago Tracy wanted a Star Wars theme for his birthday party. When he suddenly decided he would rather have Batman I WAS ECSTATIC! That meant we could all wear our Halloween costumes again and ya'll know how I love any excuse to wear a costume. But, this is not about me it is about Tracy.
I let him write his own guest list and when it reached 20 I said, "what the heck?" It is summer and most people will probably be out of town. Boy was I wrong! We had about 20 kids in our bat cave, I mean backyard. and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I decided that old rule of inviting the amount of kids as the child's age was bunk. When have I been a rule follower anyway.
Mike was still sexy as the Joker but to the kids he was a little scary. He even TONED DOWN the makeup. I guess our kids are so used to seeing us in makeup and costumes we forget most kids have normal parents. Thanks for indulging me babe. I know you were roasting in the costume.
I wasn't quite as scary as Harley Quinn but many kids avoided me anyway.
You can't really tell but this is supposed to be a bat cave. The kids (mostly Jami actually) made batplanes and we took turns trying to fly them into the cave. Thanks for your sweet airplane skills Jam. Then it was time for "Batman Says" and our favorite tradition -the pinata!

Aren't these the cutest little super heroes you have ever seen? I loved that everyone dressed up. My cute friend even made her girls princess hero capes. Not long into the party the costumes came off piece by piece. It was pretty darn hot. I filled the pinata a little too much so with one smack it ripped down and we just bashed it. I had drawn the Joker inside his "escape car" and let everyone beat on him. I hope none of your children have anger issues now. Sorry.

Time for singing and cake!!!! Trace was very excited about his cake and I was excited to attempt fondant for the first time. I want to post some pics of Trace through the years but that will have to come later.

Now, to get the right shades of yellow and blue I used A LOT of gel coloring. Everett ate spoon fulls of both and if you are wondering, the answer is: YES! Blue and Yellow frosting make very bright GREEN poop. Luckily Ev pooped it in the potty.
Thanks to everyone who came to the friend and/family parties. It is great to see so many little ones that have grown up with Trace. I have made some dear friends through Tracy and he has gained some cool buddies from the fabulous friends I have. It is such an enjoyable time of life.
Oh, Tracy. You are such a wonderful ball of energy and emotion. You are our firstborn and have always made us proud. You are so entertaining and animated whether you are singing in primary, putting on a school show or just playing in your room. Your use of hyperbole makes you a great story teller. Just try not to elaborate on the truth so much. :) You are the best big brother to Summy. She lights up when she sees you and I know you will always look out for her. Even though you get sick of Ev shadowing you it is only because he looks up to you. I love that you two have become buddies and I appreciate you always helping him put on his shoes and getting him band aids for his owies. We love you Trace and all that you are. Your interest, no, obsession , with cars, transformers shoes and now legos. Your strong testimony amazes me. You are just like your father and have faith in whatever the Lord asks of you. You sweet prayers over the last year worked and you were so humble. "Well, yeah, I asked Heavenly Father for help and he helps us if we believe him". You put me in my place Trace. Now every night when you pray for Melody and her baby (and even Uncle Mike) to grow healthy and strong I see the sincerity in your voice and I know you are truly such a loving person. Tracy, you are a special kid. I am amazed at all you learn and remember. You are so friendly and make new friends wherever we go. You are non-judgmental and I hope that quality always follows you. Always see the good in others Trace because there is so much good for them to see in you. I love you bug! MWWWWAAAA (kiss)
Everett was put in time out and in the process he showed us his dejected face from the window. The funny thing was that it looks like he was using the quote bubble stuck to the window. I made a bunch of cheesy comic book signs that read:BAM, and KABLAB, "To the Batmobile", and CRASH..etc....

No party is complete without an appearance from Bat Girl!


Alicia said...

You are the coolest mom ever.

Lamb Fam said...

Your parties are always the greatest. I'm glad Tol's bday is first so I have nothing to live up to.
Thanks for including us on the fun day. We all had a blast.

Melinda said...

Looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday Tracy!

The Bollinger Family said...

Oh Jami. Don't be silly. I think I have more fun planning the parties than my kids actually enjoy them.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

That was such a fun party! My girls haven't stopped talking about it yet. You throw a SUPER party! ;o)

Ben said...

Why weren't you my Mom?

The Bollinger Family said...

I would be happy to throw you a Batman party Ben.