Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yay Us !

Today is our 8th Anniversary! I just want Leesa to know how great she is, and how much I love Her! She is such a great Mother and wife. Leesa is the reason I look forward to coming home after work. She is so amazing at whatever she does, whether it is helping the kids learn, dressing the kids, dressing me, scapbooking, blogging, Planing parties, decorating, she is so smart and funny and I just adore her. So Happy Anniversary Babe, too bad the kids are all sick and we can't go out tonight, but I have something planned anyway. Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss.


The Bollinger Family said...

Thanks babe. I love the last line. Nothing like a quote from Nacho Libre to make me swoon. Ha!

Brandt & Kriste said...

How cute! Happy Anniversary you two. You guys are great!