Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TOP 10 OF 2008

So I copied this idea from my friend Alicia. I am terrible at keeping a journal so blogging is for my posterity. :)
Top 10 of 2008 (Not in any particular order.)
1. Adding Summer Daisy to our family. She is such a loved little girl. I love to watch the boys dote over her.
2. The Burtons and Randalls moving back to Utah-FINALLY!
3. Going to the Monster Truck finals in Las Vegas with the boys. I know we are totally ghetto but we love those big, loud crazy trucks.
4. Helping Tracy learn to read even if he now asks questions such as "What is an adult book store?" Kids grow so fast. It is fascinating to watch it happen.
5. Coaching Tracy's soccer team. Even if I was eight months pregnant and Tracy hated it, it was a fun experience.
6. Watching Everett's HUGE personality come out of his little body. He has a way of making making you smile even when he is telling you "no mommy". It just sounds so adorable in his little voice it is hard to get mad.
7. St. George/Vegas with the girls. It was a fun weekend of reminiscing, staying up late, the price is right and lots of food!
8. Finally becoming a sheep in the reality TV world and discovering So You Think You Can Dance. When I was on bed rest Mike and I became obsessed. We even paid to see them when they came to SLC and it was GREAT!
9.Going to the New Kids on the Block concert. That's right.
10. Discovering the worlds of blogging and Face book and reconnecting with friends.


Alicia said...

I'm flattered. And I love it. Great year, Leesa. Love you.

Troy & Charity said...

i love it!! i'm going to copy you now!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

You seriously taught Tracy how to read this year?! Any helpful hints?