Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 24th of July fellow Utahns!

The boys began their day bright and early with Daddy at the Days of 47 Parade. Mommy and Summy decided to sleep in. Tracy loved having the "Princesses"(city royalty girls) wave to him while Everett was fascinated with the police motorcycles.

ALL AMERICAN GIRL! Summer looked so cute in her patriotic stripes. Too bad she slept through most of the excitement and fireworks.

We went to the Burtons for dinner and fireworks later that evening. While we were setting up dinner, Mike and Troy came up with a fun game for the kiddies. They lifted the top of the trailer up while Oakley, Tracy and Everett sat on towels. Once the trailer was at its peek, they'd release the kids and they went flying. The towels slid down the back at a greatly fun speed. They thought it was radical and did it over and over again. Only Everett came out with a battle wound. Derrick was trying to catch them all and Ev slipped through his legs. Everett didn't cry and kept sliding down. Only later did I see the big bruise on his behind.