Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So many changes, so little time.

I think the post title says it all. It seems just about every aspect of my life is changing, or is soon to change. Our house is UP on the market, we are looking for someplace NEW, the kids are registered at a DIFFERENT school, the school year has just ENDED, meaning my job has ENDED....and, depending on where we end up, I am possibly NOT going back next year. The plan is that I will RETURN to the U of U next January. Happy face!!!

 I am excited about all the change, but overwhelmed as well. I have lost much of my spontaneity since becoming a parent and crave stability. It is hard for a planner, such as myself, to just accept the unknown.  But, alas, I have no choice but to hold on the reins of our chaos and pray we soon find ourselves settled. In the meantime, life is going to be nothing short of an adventure.
We have opted to move into an apartment rather than Mike's grandpas so we can take our time looking for a new abode. Plus, if we don't have a place by the time school starts, I don't want to travel all the way from Foothill to Sandy. The kids are excited for the apartment because there is a pool and there are bound to be kiddoes. We are taking the bare essentials which will be kind of fun. When I say BARE essentials, I mean we aren't taking beds, just mattresses. If we are there longer than a few months that might change, but that is the plan for now and anything I can plan at the moment gives me peace of mind. 
Bring it on unknown!