Friday, November 18, 2011

Urban Adventure

Rather than spend money on school pictures where the kids look awkward and it's a single pose, we opted to spend the money on professional pics instead. I used this AMAZING photographer who captured the kids and their personalities perfectly. One of our favorite places to play is the skate park so I wanted to incorporate that into the photo shoot.There were over 100 pictures from which to choose, but here is a taste of what was captured.

Just getting started.

Yep, she is the boss!

Hey there, GQ.

I have no idea where he gets his gangsta attitude. ;)

Aww, my sweet Trace.

This hat is one of my favorite things in the world.

He kept posing on his own and Jodi just kept snapping pics as he went along.

Million dollar smile!

Little outdoors man.


Helloooooo blue eyes.

Okay this hat is another of my favs, and so is the cute girl.




Walk like an Egyptian.

Smiling, happy people...

Love her!

Look out Bruno Mars.

This picture captures Everett's personality with perfection. He is adorable and sweet and yet you know he is plotting something mischievous. 

Handsome guy.

We are a happy family!
 Hope you enjoy those as much as I do. The kids have never had so much fun getting their pictures taken. Jodi Palmer at Yummy Life Photography was amazing! I feel like we captured them in this time of their lives. One day, when I look back at these, I will remember how fun, quirky, silly and adorable they are.


Alicia said...

Oh, these are perfection. Seriously.

Suzie said...

Beautiful!!! And they are getting so big!

Teresa Stevenson said...

Love, love, love all these pictures! They are adorable! What great kids!