Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tracy turns SEVEN!!!

On the 29th, my not so little Trace turned seven years old! Where has the time gone? I swear we just brought him home, having no idea what to do with him. JK He has turned into such a smart, strong-willed, creative and friendly person. He makes friends wherever he goes. And once you are his friend, he cares about you forever! I admire his strong sense of what is right and wrong (even though he doesn't always act accordingly). He is like his father in his unwavering testimony and I know he will be ready to be baptized next year. DID I JUST TYPE THAT? I love you Trace and I am proud of all you are, all you do, and all that you will become.
Trace wants to be a Lego engineer when he grows up so I thought I would use my cake engineering to build him a lego.

Yep, he of COURSE got a lego from Mike and Melody. It was apparently more exciting than the DS some of us went in on for him. Who knew? :)

Just a few of the crew who came to celebrate our awesome man. We let Trace choose whether he wanted a big party or to have a few friends go somewhere fun.......to my disappointment he chose to take three friends to classic. I soooooo love throwing parties. At least I still have Summy and Ev for a few more years right?

Should I throw it? Seriously, is he not the cutest little man?


Mike Bollinger said...

is there nothing Leesa Can Do? Look at that awseome Lego Cake, it looked amazing!