Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lake Tahoe

I have a favorite Aunt and Uncle who live in Northern California. I am really close to them and it had been a while since I had seen them so we decided to meet them in Lake Tahoe where we spent the week hiking, swimming, freezing lol, and visiting with two of the greatest people on Earth!

It was a great opportunity to teach the kids about marsh lands, forests, and different flora and fauna of the area. We went on a couple little hikes and even saw a snake on one of them. Summy thought it was pretty. She also did a little hip-hop routine on the pier.

My beautiful little angels. Haha. We have so much fun together. I love getting away together.

Family picture time! It really was so beautiful there. The weather was quite similar to what we have in Utah. One day it was warm and sunny, the next was snowy, and the next was cool etc. We packed for it though so we were ready.
Hey Buddy!
We were ALL so excited for Sandy and Chuck to arrive! I used to spend a week with them every summer when I was a teen. We would go to San Francisco, the beach, Chuck's football games (he was coach) and spend hours talking. She was the one person in whom I could always confide. It means a lot for her to see my children and interact with them because my mother cannot.

Sandy and Chuck sat for hours listening to Trace talk about legos, watching Ev wield his sword and listening to Summer pretend to talk on the phone with her boyfriend, Milo.

Sandy and I still had plenty of time to talk makeup and shopping and life. I just love her! I love having Summer grow a relationship with Sandy too. They are both "princesses".

We found this HUGE rock in the back of the resort and the kids played on it for probably an hour.

We couldn't leave without hitting the Hard Rock Cafe (actually we could have) so Ev showed us his orangey smile.

It was such a great trip, although the drive was horrendous. Driving to Reno sucks! The kids did better than I. I would do it all over again to spend some more time with my favorite aunt and uncle!!!