Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As much as I despise being cold, I am in LOVE with Winter! We don't get up the slopes as much as we would like to, but now that our kids are old enough to come along, I see a LOT more shredding in our future. Hooray!

 We took Trace to Alta last year and he picked it up so quickly we decided to take Ev this year as well. Let me just say, helping two kids UP the hill is a KILLER arm workout. Trace got to the point where he could get up by himself, but not before getting so frustrated he THREW his freaking skiis! Hmmmm. Wonder where he gets his need for perfection from. Haha.
 Ev wasn't as excited about the whole skiing thing and was easily bored. We spent a lot more time in the lodge than anticipated. He eventually thought it was fun and did AWESOME! By the time we hit the regular hills on the lift they were both tearing it up! Especially Trace! 
The weather was beaUtiful! We eventually tore off most of our layers and enjoyed the sunshine and blue skies. It was the greatest day for skiing! 
This pic doesn't even do it justice. It was sooooo disgusting!
On our way down the canyon I noticed a NASTY haze over the valley. I felt like a bad parent for taking my kids into the icky air. I wish we could have taken DEEP breaths and held them till it was gone.