Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

Due to Thanksgiving Hockey Tournaments, we were usually somewhere in Colorado for Thanksgiving and, thus, usually celebrated in a hotel restaurant or Denny's. It wasn't until I married Mike and we began hosting that I fell in love with the holiday. Don't get me wrong, Halloween will ALWAYS have my heart!

Melody scouring the ads in the paper before we head out.
I think I love Thanksgiving most when I am hosting. My normal obsession with a clean kitchen goes out the window for 24 hours while we prepare a fabulous feast. I adore setting the table where friends and family will gather. We are always open to new guests and most often end up with an eclectic group of people. 
Ev and Mike guarding Mel's FAB rolls.
 Once again this year some of Melody's co-workers from India joined us. It is always fascinating to hear them discuss their culture and the diversity that exists between regions. I had always thought there were only a couple of different religions etc. throughout the Nation, but it turns out there are SEVERAL!!!
Ian is a great sport!!!
We were also able to have Ian, Melody's brother, for dinner because he is living in Utah and attending BYU. He brought his roommate, Matthew, and Matthew's sister, Megan. The kids were THRILLED to have so many people to climb on, perform to, and play with. 
We didn't take many pics for some reason. The table looked really pretty....maybe I will capture it next time.
Later that night we had to go to the annual BLACK FRIDAY craziness!!! This year's crew included myself, Charity, Melody and Megan. We hit Fashion Place Mall, Toy's R Us, Target........we were pooped but came home with some STEALS!!! I can't wait to do it all over again!