Friday, May 7, 2010


Now I know you are all probably thinking I won money or something but in fact it is something FAR BETTER..........................I get to run the St. George Marathon this October! It is something I have wanted for YEARS, but have been too busy with school to train, too poor from school (you have to pay a rather large chunk of cashola to race), pregnant, or injured. Well, I decided this year was the year so I entered the lottery (there are a lot of us crazies wanting to race and they can only allow so many applicants). This morning when the lottery was announced and I saw my name on the list I could not believe it!!!! It is like a dream of mine is finally coming true and I get to share the experience with one of my very best friends.
Just thought I would share my exciting news with all of you. Most people I have told cannot believe I am excited about running 26.2 miles but I AM!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Luck Dr. Dave!

Dr. Dave and Psych Super Hero Ben

Our smarty pants friend, Dave, was heading off to MinnesOta for his Anesthesiology Residency so, of course, there had to be a farewell party.  Amber and Spencer were sweet (or insane) enough to invite us all over to swim and hang out. I have to mention that it was super rainy and we all brought our kids so it was C-C-C-C-CRAZY!

We ate, and laughed, and TRIED to take pictures but nobody would cooperate. Initially, I was the only one who would sit by Dave. His hot wife is behind him. LOL!
Dave's Harem:
Keri, Amber, Kriste, Jami, Kristen, Val
Emily, Jody, Leesa, Dana
Eventually we all got it together. Still don't know why my hand is on Dave's leg though.....Sorry Jame. I adore the fact our husbands get along with each other and put up with us when we are all together. At least they can't say we are boring right? It is also fun to watch our kids form friendships, and frienemies. When they all run around crazy I just think, "Look what we created!" Hope you are ready world.