Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brigham City Train Station

Before the weather became too terribly cold I took the kids to these AMAZING photographers in Brigham City for a fun little photo shoot. We shot it at the old train station which was , of course, HEAVEN for my little men.

Oh I love my babies!
This graffiti was FANTASTIC! Thank you juvenile delinquents for making this such a great location.
Don't be fooled by this sweet face. Summy can definitely HOLD HER OWN! And, even if she couldn't, her big brothers are VERY protective!

Hello there big blue eyes! I hope she uses their power for good and not evil.
Awwwww! Enough said. Seriously though I love watching their relationship develop. It's a complicated one with wrestling, laughing, arguing, crime-fighting and late night talking to say the least. I hope they stay best buddies as they grow up.
My handsome Trace is growing up WAY too fast!!! He is the best big brother and such a fabulous helper.
The boys were total hams during the photo shoot. They have NEVER been so excited to have their pictures taken. I don't know if it was the trains, the cute girl photographers or just that they are becoming camera hams like their parents.
Look out Abercrombie!

Was it worth the drive? I definitely think so. :)


Christiansen's said...

Your kids are so darling! Your pictures turned out so good. I love their outfits too. SO fun!

kristi and family said...

so cute.. and i can't wait to see your new package...

Sandstone Writings said...

Amazing photos. What beautiful kids!

Scott and Courtney said...

So cute!! I can't believe how big your kids are getting!! These are some of the cutest pictures I ever seen!! What a photogenic family you have. I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...


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Emilee said...

Hey Leesa I found your blog through Teresas. Your kids are adorable. Those are awesome pics.

Jeff and Rach said...

Those pictures are so cute! I guess that is easy since your kids are so cute! We should get together again soon.

Rachel and Jeff.

Amber Burt said...

What cute pictures! Your kids are so darling, I can't wait for warmer weather and we can get them all together again-even if it is just a few times this summer.

Suzie said...

Those are really great pictures!! I need to get something like that done with Fi.