Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everett turns Three!

3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!!
Everett has a LOVE of all things space related and often talks of when he will travel to the stars. Knowing him and his determined little nature I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him suited up for take-off one day.
The first thing the little space cadets did as they arrived was make their own rockets for the rocket race. Next, I blind-folded them and they tried their best to "land on the moon". Finally, they got to bounce "asteroids" (sponge balls) off the tramp.
Ev is so different from Trace. When I asked him who he wanted to invite to his party his initial response was, "just Deac-Deac and Oakley." When I posed the same question to Trace he rambled off about twenty names and the list kept growing. As the days went on, Everett did decide to invite a few more friends, but his priority was getting the cake.
Everett wanted a space cake, but he also wanted an Elmo cake. What is a mother to do? I had no choice but to add Elmo floating in outer space.
The scientist in me had SO MUCH FUN making all of the fondant planets, and YES I included Pluto. Suck it astronomers! The greatest story about this cake was when I noticed Trace had taken a bite out of one of the planets. It was, of course, none other than URANUS!!!! It became the joke of the night that Trace took a bite out of "your anus" and I am not ashamed to admit I started it. Some things never change.
While in the midst of the party we were startled by the sound of SIX helicopters flying overhead! We all started screaming with excitement. I told Ev we planned it just for him. Maybe I have an in with the armed forces ya'll don't know about. ;)
We decorated cupcakes, exchanged gifts and then had another surprise: Darin came to pick up his girls on the ATV and ended up taking the kids(and Troy) for a ride.
No space party would be complete without TANG, the "official" drink of cosmonauts.
Ev, we love you and your sense of humor. You keep us all laughing and constantly surprise us with your intelligence. Sometimes I think you are too smart for your own good. Irregardless, you give the best hugs and are the best wrestler this side of 6890 South.
I don't know where my kids get their love of shoes (wink wink) but Everett's favorite gift was his new Sketchers. I love you little, I mean BIG guy!


Amber Burt said...

What a great cake, you will have to tell me how you do the fondant, and if it is hard. Everett is so cute, happy 3rd birthday to him!

Sandstone Writings said...

What a creative party. Happy birthday Everett! Congratulations on your new shoes!!!

Brandt & Kriste said...

Leesa you are so cute. Love the party and can't wait to plan more boy parties. Remember everything you have done so I can get some great ideas from you. Happy Birthday Everett! He is darling!

kanaboke said...

Girl, I'm jealous of your kids...they always have the best birthday parties and the BEST Birthday Cakes!! Also, is Intergalactic playing first on purpose? totally matches with this post!

Ben said...

Ha! Segura-fied! Keep your eye on that sexy beast.
That's hilarious!

Trish the Dish said...

Yet another AWESOME birthday party at the Bollinger's. You guys are so great! And, thanks for the DARLING Christmas card! Your kids are so adorable!